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Watch the Very First Canberra Declaration TV Programme!

Plus, we continue our massive prayer push in May!

Thanks to your prayer and financial support and encouragement, the Canberra Declaration has produced its first-ever TV programme!

TV Programme: Australian Prayers and Passion

Titled “Australian Prayers and Passion”, it has been produced for this weekend – the Pentecost weekend. It will be seen on God TV and TBN International networks globally, with an estimated audience of three million – but with a potential reach of up to 300 million!

Thanks to your involvement in the Canberra Declaration community, together, we are impacting millions!

Hosted by Canberra Declaration’s very own Warwick Marsh and Kym Farnik, the show features four special guests:

  • Joelle Cullen, a medical student from Qld, and a prayer leader on the Canberra Declaration.
  • Gloria Watkins, an Indigenous Christian leader from WA who is also a prayer leader on the Canberra Declaration. Watch her story here.
  • Commissioner James Condon, Chairman Australia Prays, and Co-Chairman of the World Prayer Assembly in Perth, 3 – 6 October 2023.
  • Jacqui Ford, an evangelist with Heaven’s Harvest.

Watch the TV programme here:


Joelle speaks about the desire for unity in the body this Pentecost.

“It was at Pentecost that we were made into one body… This Pentecost… let’s show it, let’s live it, let’s get together and pray for one another… It’s in unity that His Spirit is poured out.”

Gloria shares this about how God is moving in 2023 and beyond:

“There are many clouds of darkness that have been happening for the last couple of years. But through this cloud, there has been a pocket of light…” In “2023 – revival is starting across the world.”

James asks this question:

“How should we pray in these days?” “May we be listening to God, listening to the Holy Spirit. Being promoted by the Holy Spirit. Being guided by the Holy Spirit.”

Jacqui is passionate about reaching others with the gospel. In Sydney, she works to train many evangelists, who in the past year have led 700 people to Jesus – but Jacqui is hoping for much more! Jacqui tells the stories of a couple of these people – watch the TV programme above to find out all about it!

National Day of Prayer and Fasting: 27 May

Tomorrow, Saturday 27 May, is the National Day of Prayer and Fasting.

The purpose of this day is to see the Church humbly coming together as one in prayer and fasting, to see God glorified in our nation, contending for revival and transformation for Australia.

We invite you to join a local celebration in your area or to join the all-day Zoom Prayer call. Please register by following this link containing all the local area and Zoom information.

Global Day of Prayer for Israel: 28 May

And finally, on Pentecost Sunday, 28 May, the global Church is making history. For the first time ever, some 100 million believers from across the globe are praying for Israel. Never has such unity and purpose for Israel been seen in the Church.

You can watch the two-minute invitation to the Global Day of Prayer for Israel here:


Like Paul, we are praying for the salvation of the Jews (Rom 10:1). That the blindness hindering Jewish people from seeing Jesus the Messiah will be taken away (Rom 11:25; 2 Cor 4:4). And as David prayed, that there will be peace in Jerusalem (Ps 122:6). And much more!

The Canberra Declaration is hosting the Global Day of Prayer for Israel via Zoom. We are asking the sovereign God (Dan 3:34–35) to move as we partner with Him to shape history. God is already answering prayers in Israel this month – see here!

Join us on Zoom anytime from 12 noon to 9 pm this Sunday 28 May to be a part of that history. Follow this link for all the information you need.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support this month.

For prayer that shifts nations,

Samuel Hartwich & Warwick Marsh

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  1. Ian Moncrieff. 27 May 2023 at 7:40 pm - Reply

    Salvation is of the Jews, God’s chosen people. The seed of Abraham; The people of Israel; The apple of His (YHWH) eye; a Special treasure above all peoples.

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