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  • abortion euphemisms

    This is a shocking bit of propaganda presented as journalism. To defend the indefensible always means one has to resort to euphemisms, subterfuge and deception. Telling the truth about what is clearly unacceptable just will not cut it. As George Orwell put it, “political language [...]

    22 November 2022

  • regret

    Post-abortion regret and trauma are suffered by numerous women after undergoing chemical abortions. They risk physical injury, and they require professional support and counselling to heal from their deep grief. The entertainment and legacy media present abortion as empowering, but that’s not the feeling that [...]

    26 October 2022

  • Southern Baptist Bart Barber 60 Minutes

    Bart Barber, the US Southern Baptist Convention president, has been grilled in a recent interview by 60 Minutes host Anderson Cooper. The conversation highlights the increasing dissonance between the Christian worldview and the culture around us. Bart Barber, the recently elected president of the influential [...]

    13 October 2022

  • pro-life volunteer

    The elderly Right to Life volunteer received a ‘gunshot wound to the back/shoulder while leaving a residence during a heated conversation.’ Lila Rose, founder of Live Action, is demanding justice for a broad range of attacks against pro-life volunteers, after an 84-year-old Right to Life [...]

    30 September 2022

  • abortion grief

    Editor's Note: Joshua Arnold writes in The Washington Stand on a pro-choice governor's callous misuse of Scripture to advertise access to abortion. Read the original article here. ___ California Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday cited the words of Jesus from Mark 12:31 in support of [...]

    21 September 2022

  • Biden

    An effort by the Biden administration to require doctors and hospitals to perform abortions and gender-transition procedures has been blocked by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. This has been called “a major victory for conscience rights and compassionate medical care [...]

    31 August 2022

  • good news for religious hospitals

    Victoria’s Labor Party has voted down Fiona Patten’s Health Legislation Amendment (Conscientious Objection) Bill which aimed to expand abortion access by preventing publicly funded hospitals from refusing to perform abortions. The bill would have also forced all taxpayer-funded hospitals -- including those with religious affiliations [...]

    30 August 2022

  • ACT government funds abortions - cognitive dissonance

    The Australian Capital Territory government has committed to spend $4.6 million over four years to provide Canberrans with free abortions up to 16 weeks into their pregnancy. The funding will begin in the middle of 2023 and will even be available to those who do [...]

    18 August 2022

  • hospitals

    Victorian MP Fiona Patten is pushing a new bill that aims to take away the rights of publicly funded hospitals with religious affiliations to refuse to perform abortions and euthanasia. The state’s current laws allow women to access an abortion up to 24 weeks into [...]

    16 August 2022

  • bishops

    Catholic bishops in the United States have condemned the passing of the Democrats' new attempt to slide taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand into law. House Democrats succeeded in moving their latest manifestation of abortion legislation through to the next round, after the House of Representatives approved bill H.R. [...]

    22 July 2022

  • end abortion today

    Forward this letter to your local member of parliament today. Together, we can stop the tidal wave of abortion in Australia. We owe it to humans in the womb to speak up for them and do as much as possible to save their lives. Dear [...]

    30 June 2022

  • Southern Baptist Convention

    In 1971, America’s largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, passed a pro-abortion resolution. Today, it is one of the most influential proponents of life. What changed? The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) -- according to its website -- is “a collection of like-minded churches working [...]

    29 June 2022

  • Clarence Thomas and Virginia Lamp, 1987

    Samuel L. Jackson took a potshot at Justice Clarence Thomas, without understanding the legal foundations of his judgement. Here is a cogent summary of the majority opinion's reasoning in the recent Supreme Court case overturning Roe v. Wade. Ever since the Supreme Court in the [...]

    28 June 2022

  • Jane's Revenge

    There has been an increase in anti-life extremism in the lead-up to the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade. Jane’s Revenge is one such group that has been involved in firebombing and vandalism around the United States. Since a draft SCOTUS decision (leaked [...]

    28 June 2022


    What a momentous decision this was, a win for democracy and humanity. The SCOTUS judges responsible for overturning Roe v Wade are to be commended for their courage and clear legal thinking. While the pro-abortion Left threatens further violence, we must begin to rebuild the [...]

    27 June 2022

  • abortion and slavery

    There is a close parallel between the racist reasoning of those who advocated for African-American slavery, and the amoral arguments used today in support of abortion. And especially to many civil rights advocates, the connection between the two issues couldn’t be more clear. As Norma [...]

    27 June 2022

  • Roe v Wade

    The fallout from the Roe v Wade revocation in the United States continues. The pro-abortion lobby has been devastated by the change, while pro-lifers celebrate perhaps their biggest victory ever. What implications can we expect from the recent landmark decision? More importantly, what can we [...]

    27 June 2022

  • Joel Osteen

    Earlier this month, radical pro-abortion activists infiltrated Lakewood Church, disrupting televangelist Joel Osteen’s Pentecost Sunday service. The celebrity pastor responded to the protesters with his trademark positivity. Over the past month or so, pro-abortion groups have targeted church services with disruptive demonstrations in historical response [...]

    17 June 2022

  • abortion

    Although the action around abortion may seem to be mainly found in politics and through civil (or uncivil) discourse, there is a very real spiritual battle taking place. Souls, human lives are at stake, and our ancient enemy is ever on the prowl. This is [...]

    14 June 2022

  • abortion

    Progressives who pontificate about the senseless slaughter of children in America's mass shootings seem to apply a different standard to the lives of babies in the womb. The furore over gun control feels rather hypocritical when the most defenceless children continue to be killed every [...]

    14 June 2022

  • The pro-life movement in the Netherlands is experiencing a resurgence among its youth. In response, a Dutch National Broadcaster NOS published a slickly-produced mini-documentary to persuade young people to change their views on abortion. A young Dutch Christian YouTuber responded with a video shredding the [...]

    2 June 2022

  • abortions

    Pro-choice LGBTQ ideological chants about men needing abortions are yet another sign of the world being topsy-turvy. People are increasingly disconnected from nature and reality. It is both alarming and amusing. Just because you say something, even emphatically, doesn't make it true. The National Women’s [...]

    10 May 2022

  • no to abortion

    As we hope for the long-awaited overturning of Roe v Wade, let us recall that this is one step in the turning of the tide against the damaging lies of the Sexual Revolution. “The news is great. The leak is appalling,” Ruth Institute President Dr [...]

    6 May 2022


    The left is going berserk over Roe v. Wade possibly being overturned. Let us examine their hysterical claims. As we all know by now, a leaked report on a possible Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling concerning abortion has generated a firestorm of [...]

    5 May 2022

  • abortion and women

    The Left refuses to define what a woman is -- until they want to fight for "abortion rights". Then they refuse to define what a human fetus is (hint -- Latin: offspring). Everything is topsy-turvy. Just like that, bodily autonomy and women were back! With [...]

    4 May 2022

  • Politico - overturn Roe v Wade

    Politico has allegedly obtained a leaked draft majority opinion in which the US Supreme Court repudiates the landmark Roe v Wade “right to abortion” decision from 1973. This would be a stunning reversal in the context of the ongoing fight for life in America. The [...]

    3 May 2022

  • SA Malinauskas Spiers

    In a recent email to supporters, Martyn Iles told supporters that Hon. David Spiers, the new South Australia Liberal Party leader, is a ‘Christian and faithful defender of life’. It comes amidst the continuing fallout from Labor’s victory at the last state election in March [...]

    22 April 2022

  • SA election

    Pro-life voters can take heart from the results of the SA election. The weekend saw a clean-out of woke Liberal MPs and the election of a socially conservative Catholic premier who will prioritise mainstream values. In a landslide result over the weekend, Peter Malinauskas pulled [...]

    22 March 2022

  • Dominican Republic

    The new imperialism: the United States places sanctions on the legislators of the Dominican Republic, interfering with domestic politics in trying to force the legalisation of abortion. “'Progressives' say the U.S. shouldn’t force its values on developing nations,” said Ruth Institute President Dr Jennifer Roback [...]

    7 March 2022

  • breast cancer

    Dr Morse, from the Ruth Institute, interviews Dr Joel Brind on the link between abortion and breast cancer. They talk about the many attempts to cover up this connection. “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but one thing the medical establishment doesn’t want women to [...]

    14 October 2021

  • euthanasia

    With euthanasia once again before the New South Wales Parliament, it is critical that Christians understand the worldview that underpins perspectives that support abortion and euthanasia. An Interesting Experiment During an emergency drill at work, a smoke machine was set off in our printer room [...]

    13 October 2021

  • Dating Apps

    Dating apps have highlighted their own business interests in abortion by opposing the new Texas heartbeat laws. Several Texas-based dating apps will oppose the state’s new heartbeat law, which bans abortions as early as six weeks. "I'm disappointed, but not surprised at the stance Match.com [...]

    22 September 2021

  • choice

    For decades, ‘My body, my choice’ has been a mantra for those defending abortion. Given that it is the mother, not the father, who is tasked with carrying a baby to full term, it is understandable for there to be significant debate over the rights [...]

    31 August 2021

  • emotivism

    The Western world has shifted dramatically in its view of gay marriage. Until early 2012, Barack Obama held to traditional marriage. This was also the position of the Australian Labor party until around that time.[1] Of course, support for gay marriage has grown enormously since [...]

    31 August 2021

  • babies

    National polling about babies born alive after a late-term abortion reveals that the majority of Australians think these babies must be given medical care. Among those who express a view on this issue, three times as many say they support care for babies born alive [...]

    27 July 2021

  • Big Tech censorship

    Commenting on the news that Sexual Revolutionaries are bragging about getting LifeSiteNews banned by Facebook, Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., said, “Now we know who decides on Facebook’s ‘community standards’: the National Abortion Rights Action League, GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign and [...]

    24 May 2021

  • Hanukkah family - Sinai

    A speech by Don Feder to the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum’s Virtual Life Symposium, at the Catholic University of East Africa in Nairobi, March 23, 2021. Ladies and gentlemen, I am honoured to once again address an event sponsored by the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum [...]

    1 April 2021

  • born alive - Christensen

    Federal MP George Christensen is seeking to introduce a bill into Parliament which would require medical practitioners to provide a child born alive during a late-term abortion with the medical care they need to survive. “I am asking my parliamentary colleagues, and in fact, our [...]

    24 February 2021

  • George Christensen, the Liberal National Party member for Dawson, last week released a draft bill aimed at saving babies who are born alive during botched abortion procedures. The Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2021 would require a medical practitioner to provide medical care [...]

    24 February 2021

  • Tragically, and despite the best efforts of many, South Australia’s lower house of Parliament passed the abortion-to-birth bill in the early hours of Friday, 19 February 2021. The final vote was 29-15, with several apparent abstentions. This vote, however, cannot be viewed in isolation as [...]

    23 February 2021