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  • minors

    Nihilism is pervading our increasingly secular world. The unifying feature across all progressive ideologies today is that they are fundamentally anti-human. Whether it’s the mad panic to get to net zero -- irrespective of the human cost -- or the gender botherers’ relentless campaign to [...]

    15 November 2022

  • senate euthanasia bill

    The Restoring Territory Rights Bill, which aims to overturn the 25-year-old ban on euthanasia laws in the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory, was introduced into the Senate last week. It comes after the private member's bill passed the House of Representatives, 99 votes to [...]

    14 September 2022

  • euthanasia

    The Restoring Territory Rights Bill, which plans to overturn the 25-year-old ban on euthanasia legislation in the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory, was passed in the House of Representatives on Wednesday 3 August, 99 votes to 37. The private member's bill was briefly debated [...]

    17 August 2022

  • hospitals

    Victorian MP Fiona Patten is pushing a new bill that aims to take away the rights of publicly funded hospitals with religious affiliations to refuse to perform abortions and euthanasia. The state’s current laws allow women to access an abortion up to 24 weeks into [...]

    16 August 2022

  • euthanasia

    In a tragic development for pro-life groups around the country, New South Wales has become the last state in Australia to pass assisted dying legislation. The bill passed the NSW Upper House after a lengthy debate and the amendments were accepted by the Lower House. [...]

    19 May 2022

  • life is worth living

    A young friend's life and death in the loving care of her family is a demonstration of how life is worth living despite suffering and loss. Euthanasia, or assisted suicide, is an overly simplistic answer to the natural human experience of suffering and death. We [...]

    11 April 2022

  • euthanasia VAD

    As the New South Wales Parliament debates the Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Bill, we review why euthanasia and assisted suicide are fundamentally wrong, eroding our society's care and concern for the elderly, disabled, mentally ill and vulnerable. As I write, the Parliament of New South [...]

    25 February 2022

  • Euthanasia is set to be debated in NSW in the next few months. Please sign and share this petition to tell the state's upper house that we value life and want to see the vulnerable protected. We need your help. Within months, euthanasia will be [...]

    14 February 2022

  • 13 December 2021

  • euthanasia bill stalled

    We are more than halfway through our month of Prayer and Fasting for Family and Nation, and there are many things we are praying for. One prayer we did not expect to see answered so dramatically is that the euthanasia bill, recently tabled in the [...]

    21 October 2021

  • euthanasia

    With euthanasia once again before the New South Wales Parliament, it is critical that Christians understand the worldview that underpins perspectives that support abortion and euthanasia. An Interesting Experiment During an emergency drill at work, a smoke machine was set off in our printer room [...]

    13 October 2021

  • Euthanasia Law QLD

    In a tragic development in the fight for life, the Queensland parliament has voted overwhelmingly to support new euthanasia laws. Nonetheless, while the results are hugely disappointing, Christians were at the forefront of the opposition to the bill. On Thursday afternoon, sixty-one members of parliament [...]

    17 September 2021

  • No Euthanasia

    Munganbana Norman Miller, Convenor of the Voice of First Nations Peoples Against Euthanasia, said from Cairns today: “We need to protect our elders, First Nations and others, from the Queensland government’s plans to legalise euthanasia in the form of Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation, and I [...]

    8 July 2021

  • euthanasia

    Euthanasia laws are sweeping across Australia and much of the West. This so-called 'right to die' is now asserted as a natural human right with passionate zeal. It's framed as an individual's independent decision about their own life (and death). To this end, gut-wrenching stories [...]

    9 June 2021

  • No Euthanasia

    Munganbana Norman Miller, Convenor of the Voice of First Nations Peoples Against Euthanasia, said from Cairns today that “All lives matter and Black Lives Matter.” He said, “Because the Queensland government will be introducing Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation into parliament this week, we have to [...]

    24 May 2021

  • Members of the ‘left-wing movement’ in the NSW parliament are again pushing ahead with a bill to legalise euthanasia. If this bill goes ahead, NSW will become known as the ‘Killing State’ having legalised Abortion and rejected Zoe’s Law. Alex Greenwich MP announced last week [...]

    18 December 2020

  • dementia

    ACTION ALERT! YOUR CHANCE TO OPPOSE DOCTORS KILLING PATIENTS STOP THE EUTHANASIA BILL! Pro-life Tasmanians are being urged to gather: Outside State Parliament, tomorrow 2 p.m. Sun 29 Nov. and between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. during the debate Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. for [...]

    28 November 2020

  • JESUS' ENCOURAGEMENT TO THE DYING In my Father's house there are many mansions... I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto Myself; so that where I am, [...]

    6 October 2020

  • Richard Dawkins is the gift that just keeps on giving. Well, at least for us religious types who believe in God and hold to a Judeo-Christian worldview. Dawkins consistently makes the alternative look downright ridiculous. Take for instance one of his most recent tweets on [...]

    18 February 2020

  • Do a huge majority of Australians really support euthanasia, as is often claimed? Most people do not understand what is meant by euthanasia. It would seem that most people are opposed to the unnecessary prolonging of life and think that a patient – or his/her [...]

    10 December 2019

  • by Michael Cook, editor of MercatorNet. Jurisdictions which permit assisted suicide or euthanasia suck all the oxygen out of media coverage of this topic. To put the issue in perspective, assisted suicide or euthanasia is only legal in Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and a [...]

    4 November 2019

  • Labor senator and the father of Aboriginal reconciliation, Pat Dodson, has voiced his serious concerns about the voluntary assisted dying bill likely to pass WA’s parliament. In a passionate plea, the First Nations leader put pen to paper, declaring “Aboriginal people do not need a [...]

    10 October 2019

  • by Warwick d'Silva, Australian Family Association In St Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday 29th September at 3pm, an Interfaith Prayer Service was held. This service was to pray for the parliamentarians debating the Voluntary Assisted Dying bill. Proceedings commenced with a general welcome by Bishop Sproxton, [...]

    9 October 2019

  • The big social morality issues facing our nation currently, as all readers of the Daily Declaration will know, are Euthanasia/Physician Assisted Suicide (EPAS), now re-titled as Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD); abortion, now re-titled Reproductive Health Care Reform; transgenderism; the absent care of babies “accidentally” born [...]

    30 August 2019

  • Assisted suicide became legal in the Australian state of Victoria Jun 19, 2019. See excellent article by Xavier Symons. This article highlights the fact that in some studies euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide is requested for pain relief in only about a quarter of people, with [...]

    24 June 2019

  • Throughout the ages, people of faith have tended to believe that the end of human life lies within the Divine prerogative – that is to say that life belongs to God and thus is His to give and take, so God alone has the right [...]

    3 April 2019

  • euthanasia Canada

    In Canada, euthanasia is to be made available for people who are simply suffering from mental illness. Assisted dying will become legal next year for Canadians with a mental disorder as their sole condition. The decision, announced by the Canadian Parliament, is a massive expansion [...]

    14 November 2022

  • pregnant

    Governmental bodies that enforce phrases which suggest that men can become pregnant, are forcing everyone to accept transgender ideology, a warped view of reality. The overturning of Roe v. Wade sent shockwaves around the world and saw pro-choice advocates in Australia stage protests demanding greater [...]

    11 November 2022

  • Daniel Andrews

    Churches in Victoria must mobilise their congregations to vote Daniel Andrews out of office. Sure the Liberals are hopeless, but at least they don’t hate Christians. The same cannot be said for the Andrews government. Not only does the Victorian Labor government continually enact legislation [...]

    7 October 2022

  • Lyle Shelton

    The Victorian Electoral Commission has officially confirmed Family First’s registration in time for the November election. Lyle Shelton, the party’s National Director, welcomed the news. In a media release today, the newly re-launched Family First party has announced that it will contest the Victorian state [...]

    6 October 2022

  • kill himself?

    Nation First explores how life is considered when a health system becomes utterly corrupted. He served his nation and yet he was told by his own government to kill himself. In August, the head of a Canadian veteran’s support group spoke out in horror about [...]

    6 October 2022

  • no to mutilation

    Western morality has changed rapidly in the last ten years alone, following hot on the heels of the postwar Sexual Revolution. How have we come to this state of affairs? There are a lot of sayings about time: it flies, it goes fast when you’re [...]

    1 September 2022

  • good news for religious hospitals

    Victoria’s Labor Party has voted down Fiona Patten’s Health Legislation Amendment (Conscientious Objection) Bill which aimed to expand abortion access by preventing publicly funded hospitals from refusing to perform abortions. The bill would have also forced all taxpayer-funded hospitals -- including those with religious affiliations [...]

    30 August 2022

  • missing

    We are in a profound spiritual battle, beset by culture wars. Are you with your compatriots in the fray, or missing from the battlefield? The term ‘missing in action’ is of course a military one: when a soldier, during, or in the wake of a [...]

    11 August 2022

  • bishops

    Catholic bishops in the United States have condemned the passing of the Democrats' new attempt to slide taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand into law. House Democrats succeeded in moving their latest manifestation of abortion legislation through to the next round, after the House of Representatives approved bill H.R. [...]

    22 July 2022

  • post-Christian

    Many who deride Christianity fail to see that the moral underpinnings of Western society rely on the Gospel, and a post-Christian society may not be palatable to them either. They are cutting off the branch on which they sit. The West is becoming post-Christian. Fewer [...]

    7 July 2022

  • Morrison

    The fact that Scott Morrison lost the recent federal election is all the more “miraculous” (let the reader understand) when one considers that Anthony Albanese failed so spectacularly throughout the entire campaign; not knowing the current unemployment and cash rate, being unable to relate his [...]

    3 June 2022

  • church

    Christians face an increasingly hostile culture. Several recent events in the world of politics drove this reality home to me. And it’s a hard reality. As I grappled with the disappointments, I had to once again ask the question, why? Why do we do what [...]

    31 May 2022

  • SA Malinauskas Spiers

    In a recent email to supporters, Martyn Iles told supporters that Hon. David Spiers, the new South Australia Liberal Party leader, is a ‘Christian and faithful defender of life’. It comes amidst the continuing fallout from Labor’s victory at the last state election in March [...]

    22 April 2022

  • Nehemiah

    We learn from the story of Nehemiah that those who betray God's people will eventually face His wrath. We cannot compromise on God's commands -- divine law demands full obedience. In disobedience, we lose the blessings promised by God to those who love Him. What [...]

    14 April 2022