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  • free speech

    Free speech is the lifeblood of a healthy society. But there are some legitimate constraints on free speech, in my view. 1) Defamation: the injury that can be done to individuals as a consequence of making false accusations in a digital age are so severe [...]

    7 November 2022

  • Elon Musk buys Twitter

    Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has struck a deal to buy Twitter for $61.4 billion dollars in what could be a positive development for free speech on social media. This morning, the social media world awoke to the news that Elon Musk, a tech [...]

    26 April 2022

  • Matt Taibbi

    Twitter once called itself "the free speech wing of the free speech party". In recent years it has abandoned this mission, interfering in the U.S. election and banning a sitting President from its platform. Journalist Matt Taibbi has written a brilliant analysis on what Jack [...]

    9 December 2021

  • Tech giant Twitter knowingly allowed the distribution of images of the sexual exploitation of a minor, a lawsuit filed in federal district court last week alleges. “Where were Twitter’s much-vaunted ‘community standards,’ in this case?” asked Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., founder and president of [...]

    29 January 2021

  • by Peter Downie, FamilyVoice Australia. Last month, Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Sarah Bolt ordered Liberal Senator Claire Chandler to attend a “conciliation conference” with a person who claimed to be offended and insulted by a newspaper column she wrote in July. The senator had pointed out [...]

    15 October 2020

  • Ruth Institute President Dr Jennifer Roback Morse, PhD condemned YouTube’s decision to ban a Daily Signal/Heritage Foundation video with Dr Michelle Cretella, MD over her comment on transgenderism. “The Sexual Revolutionaries running YouTube are cowards. They cannot refute Dr Cretella and the Heritage Foundation. They [...]

    18 November 2019

  • Labor Senator Kristina Keneally has made headlines recently with her opposition to the Australian CPAC conference, to be held in Sydney this weekend. Firstly, she campaigned for one of the conference speakers, Raheem Kassan, to be refused entry to Australia. In an interview today, she [...]

    9 August 2019

  • Editor’s Note: Jennifer Oriel’s article “Campus bureaucrats prove timid friends of free speech” is a brilliant exposé of the double standards concerning the exercise of free speech in Australian Universities. Free Speech at Australian Universities is key to the protection of free speech everywhere. Jennifer [...]

    19 June 2019

  • medical worker

    Medical practitioners and healthcare workers are under pressure to conform to the government narrative on public health, especially regarding COVID-19 vaccination. Their freedom of conscience and freedom of speech have been heavily compromised, affecting standards of care for patients. No one wants to believe that [...]

    4 August 2022

  • Elon Musk Twitter

    Is cancel culture under threat? Billionaire Elon Musk and the New York Times have both spoken out on the necessity of free speech in a democracy. Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard the big news: Elon Musk, the world’s wealthiest man, [...]

    20 April 2022

  • Freedom of speech, belief and association of freedoms for which our forebears sacrificed. They understood the importance of nurturing these freedoms. These freedoms have allowed us to explore, develop and nuance ideas, philosophical, political, scientific and religious, amongst others. Today, our society is in grave [...]

    11 July 2019

  • Those who refuse to engage in civil discourse have perfected the art of name-calling and labelling to discredit their political opponents before a view can even be expressed. So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, [...]

    16 May 2019

  • media

    Australia’s rank in the World Press Freedom Index has plummeted from 25 to 39 this year. Reasons given for the decline include “ultra-concentrated media ownership” and “growing official pressure”. The World Press Freedom Index is compiled yearly by the media watchdog organisation, Reporters Without Borders. [...]

    23 August 2022

  • Scott Morrison - religious freedom

    Two weeks out from the federal election, Scott Morrison (LNP) has doubled down on his commitment to introduce protections for faith communities who conscientiously object to assimilating with LGBTQ+ ideology, particularly transgenderism and same-sex “marriage”. In a letter to David Adler -- the President of [...]

    12 May 2022

  • George Christensen

    In this special tribute, the Canberra Declaration thanks George Christensen for his friendship and his fearless stand for Christian values over many years. Read excerpts of George's farewell speech, delivered this week in Canberra. George Christensen, the LNP member for Dawson on the north Queensland [...]

    1 April 2022

  • Päivi Räsänen

    Finally, a win for freedom of conscience and religion in Finland, in the long-drawn-out case of principled politician Päivi Räsänen. Prosecuted for a hate crime after stating Biblical views about marriage on social media, Räsänen has at long last been vindicated in a court of [...]

    1 April 2022

  • The Canberra rally for freedom is a massive game-changer. Ordinary folk are standing together, rallying against undemocratic laws and draconian policies. There is one thing that will always be with us: those who want to tyrannically rule over others. But there is also this: those [...]

    14 February 2022

  • GoFundMe

    If popular mainstream fundraising sites feel they can pick and choose which causes to permit on their platforms based on their inherent political bias, this will have a chilling effect on democracy. You don’t have to believe in the Canadian truckers’ cause to affirm their [...]

    14 February 2022

  • religious discrimination bill

    In today's post-Christian Australian society which is increasingly hostile toward faith, the Religious Discrimination Bill merely aims to bring religious freedom protections into line with protections for other attributes. The Australian Parliamentary Joint Human Rights Committee on the Inquiry into the Religious Discrimination Bill is [...]

    11 January 2022

  • Freedom-loving Australians attended nationwide rallies in their hundreds of thousands over the weekend. The atmosphere of peace, celebration and united purpose echoed the protest movements of the 1960s-70s. Big crowds, colourful characters, spirited chanting, plenty of placards, energetic marches, large rallies, defying the system and [...]

    22 November 2021

  • jim caviezel

    He played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. More recently, Jim Caviezel has been giving noteworthy speeches on faith, freedom and courage. Here is one speech you don't want to miss. A friend recently shared with me an 18-minute speech by Jim Caviezel, which [...]

    11 November 2021

  • Jordan Peterson

    In a recent video, world-renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson has delivered a powerful message on the importance and nature of truth. Every week I write an article to inspire fathers. This last week I wanted to talk about two things: The importance of prayer for fathers [...]

    28 September 2021


    In 2006, a small Amish school suffered a tragic vengeance shooting, leaving five schoolgirls dead and others injured. Contrary to expectation, however, the Amish community reached out in forgiveness. We all need to learn that there is true freedom in true forgiveness, and true forgiveness [...]

    17 September 2021

  • Main Image Freedoms Fade Fast

    This is 'cancel culture' gone mad: Former POTUS Donald Trump has been banned on Twitter while the Taliban tweets away. It is imperative that we remember the liberties we once prized, bled and died for, because forgotten freedoms fade fast. From social media censorship to [...]

    8 September 2021

  • Big Tech censorship - YouTube

    Fear greatly our loss of freedoms and basic human rights: When the ever-expanding State effectively colludes with monolithic Tech Giants and Big Business to censor free speech and free thought, you know you are living in very dangerous times. And using the excuse of COVID-19 [...]

    10 August 2021

  • refugees - religious freedom

    Religious freedom is under increasing pressure in Australia and much of the West. Places such as Victoria have brought in laws that will effectively penalise Christian teaching around sexuality and gender. And our broader culture demands we affirm particular identities and practices the Bible regards [...]

    17 June 2021

  • losing freedom

    Since I came to Australia a couple of years ago, there is one word, associated with an Australian actor, which has been shouted at me more than any other. Mel Gibson’s portrayal of the Scottish hero, William Wallace, is summed up by his crying in [...]

    31 May 2021

  • online petitions

    Many of us are aware of the various challenges facing the West with the rise of trends like cancel culture, Big Tech censorship and Critical Race Theory. But what are some practical things we can do? Here are three petitions you should sign today in [...]

    16 March 2021

  • religious freedom

    Has religious freedom had its day here in the West? Sure, we still have a large degree of religious freedom. Australia and other Western nations are light years away from North Korea, Cuba, or Iran when it comes to freedom of religion. But let’s face [...]

    3 March 2021

  • An Imam, a Catholic Archbishop and a Baptist Minister walked onto the steps of Parliament… with members of two political parties, a Family Advocate and an ex-lesbian; no, this is not a joke. They spoke with ONE VOICE to the young and old, rich and [...]

    1 February 2021

  • gender ideology

    When a previous deputy prime minister of 35 years’ political experience says, “The law before the Victorian parliament seeking to outlaw parental, therapeutic or religious discussions on issues of sexuality and gender is the biggest threat to our democratic freedoms in Australia's entire legislative history,” [...]

    29 January 2021

  • Welcome Mr Biden; Farewell Mr Trump. Joe Biden, now the 46th president of the US, delivered a solemn inaugural address on Wednesday 20 January 2020. Mr Biden made a plea for unity and called to "end this uncivil war" and adding that “democracy has prevailed” [...]

    21 January 2021

  • In celebration of one of America’s most important holidays, Independence Day, President Trump gave a presidency-defining speech in front of Mount Rushmore this weekend. It was an impassioned defence of America, the nation’s heroes, and its legacy. Both Trump’s speech and the media’s angry reaction [...]

    7 July 2020

  • In the midst of this pandemic, last Wednesday Mark Latham gave his Second Reading Speech for his Religious Freedoms and Equality Bill 2020 in NSW Parliament: The purpose of the bill can be stated in a single sentence: To extend protections against discrimination beyond existing [...]

    18 May 2020

  • We must not get complacent about restrictions imposed during the crisis. ___ This is a free country. It’s a phrase we’ve all used, even from schoolyard days—often to stand up to a bully trying to exert their control over us. “This is a free country” [...]

    28 April 2020

  • I don’t know when it happened precisely, but Mark Latham has become one of the champions of religious freedom in the state of New South Wales. It’s strange, because by his own admission he doesn’t even consider himself ‘religious’. However, the NSW One Nation leader [...]

    24 April 2020

  • Two days ago, Pastor Norman Miller, whose Aboriginal name is Munganbana, presented a giant boomerang supporting religious freedom and freedom of speech to Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells at Parliament House at 3:15 p.m. Australia needs a Religious Discrimination Act to provide greater protection to people of [...]

    27 February 2020

  • All over the West, there is a major assault on religious freedom. It takes many forms, and it is being driven by an aggressive secularism and leftism which will not rest until religion is driven from the public square altogether. And then private expressions of [...]

    22 October 2019

  • Christians have found an unlikely ally in agnostic NSW parliamentarian Mark Latham. Many Australians will remember Mark Latham as the bullish Labor opposition leader seeking to topple John Howard at the 2004 federal election. More than once, Latham has been described by the media as [...]

    7 October 2019

  • Wouldn’t you love to tell a room full of leaders of the free world, “The ideals we all take for granted right now are the fruit of the Bible and Christianity.” That’s what Tim Keller did recently -- and he received applause at the end [...]

    30 September 2019