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  • fishing

    The WA premier's attitude in restricting fishing of certain species parallels his pandemic policies. There was no community consultation with experienced interest groups, and the "science" used to justify the ban is flawed. Western Australian Labor premier Mark McGowan is mandating a 7-year lockout on [...]

    26 August 2022

  • COVID-19 public health response

    Medical professionals, politicians and others gathered recently to voice their concerns about the way the coronavirus outbreak has been handled, particularly in regard to vaccine mandates and the suppression of alternative treatment options despite clear evidence. Public health policy has been overtaken by ideology and [...]

    19 July 2022

  • vaccine mandates lifted

    The New South Wales government has decided to scrap most vaccination mandates for healthcare, aviation and education sectors over the coming weeks, in a sudden decision that has left unions puzzled. When the mandates were introduced in NSW last year, hundreds of public school employees [...]

    27 April 2022

  • COVID-19 vaccine mandates

    Should vaxxed Christians speak up against vaccine mandates -- mandates that prevent the unvaxxed from working in many industries? Or are vaccine mandates something that we should accept without question from our government, like so many other COVID policies? The Unseen Impact of Vaccine Mandates [...]

    2 February 2022

  • vaccine mandates

    Even those who think the vaccines are safe and ethical are wary of the widening divisions in society caused by governments imposing mandatory vaccination, curtailing employment, business and socialisation. Vaccine mandates are now government policy in many parts of the West. US President Joe Biden [...]

    21 December 2021

  • Mandates

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary recently changed the definition of "anti-vaxxer" to include people who oppose vaccine mandates. We are living in 1984 – when arguments are no longer won with logic but lies and twisted language. I have had most vaccinations available in Australia because I [...]

    13 December 2021

  • mandates

    Australian pro-life group Cherish Life Queensland opposes vaccine mandates. Vaccination must be left to individual choice, they say, since Covid-19 vaccines rely on cell lines derived from aborted foetal tissue. We have been asked our position on the Covid-19 vaccines many times over the previous [...]

    24 November 2021

  • Rennick & Antic - Morrison

    Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison needs to follow the example of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who withdrew vaccine passports in June of this year. Strangely, the story of the UK push for freedom has not been reported much by Australian media. Thankfully, Mr Morrison [...]

    20 November 2021

  • Alex Antic

    South Australian Senator Alex Antic today became the second Federal Coalition Senator to issue Prime Minister Scott Morrison an ultimatum on vaccine mandates. Earlier this afternoon, Senator Antic announced via his official Facebook account that he has decided to follow the lead of his colleague [...]

    12 November 2021

  • Gerard Rennick

    Gerard Rennick, a colleague of Scott Morrison, has vowed to withhold his support of the Coalition's agenda in the Senate until the government opposes vaccine mandates and reinstates domestic travel. LNP Senator for Queensland Gerard Rennick has given Prime Minister Scott Morrison an ultimatum: oppose [...]

    4 November 2021

  • Main Image: Church Vaccine Mandate Question

    On a recent edition of ABC’s Insiders program, the former Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Tanya Plibersek, avoided questions concerning church exemptions from vaccine mandates. Plibersek Comments on Mandatory Vaccines for Churches The ABC released the footage on Twitter on Sunday, showing the current Shadow [...]

    14 September 2021

  • Ezekiel Declaration

    In a very short space of time, many Australian citizens have woken up to a very sobering choice: lose my medical autonomy, or lose my career. For some, a job loss will also mean the inability to continue supporting families or making mortgage repayments. Vaccine [...]

    28 August 2021

  • no vaccine mandates

    The ALP has traditionally been the voice for working Australians -- a voice it must now use so working Australians can keep their medical autonomy. All Australians want a safe exit from the crisis that has plagued our nation these last eighteen months. And while [...]

    24 August 2021

  • COVID-19

    A peer-reviewed study published this month at Science Direct found the infection fatality rate (IFR) for non-elderly people who contracted COVID-19 was far lower than original, widely-publicised estimates. The report compiled data from 31 national seroprevalence studies that took place before mRNA injections were rolled [...]

    24 January 2023

  • Alex Berenson

    Pfizer is being taken to court by journalist Alex Berenson for its latest legal and ethical violations. Former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson this week announced his plans to sue both Pfizer and the White House for their respective roles in censoring his reporting [...]

    16 January 2023

  • pure blood

    Did you know the term ‘pure blood’ is completely demonic? It comes directly from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter witchcraft books and movies. The phrase was picked up by some extreme anti-vaxxers and has gone viral. Sadly Christians are using this phrase without grace or humility [...]

    16 January 2023

  • sudden deaths

    While there is no cause for panic, reports of otherwise healthy people suddenly collapsing and dying do need to be investigated to determine if there is any correlation with vaccines or something else. Editor’s Note: Steve Blizzard, political analyst and financial planner, is a long-time [...]

    6 January 2023

  • Kerryn Phelps

    Dr Kerryn Phelps AM, the former President of the Australian Medical Association, this week revealed that she has suffered a ‘devastating’ Covid-19 vaccine injury. She made her bombshell admission in a written submission to the Australian Parliament, in which she also decried Australian health regulators [...]

    21 December 2022

  • spells

    Modern ideologies are like spells, entrancing the masses with their half-baked versions of reality. We must educate ourselves and hold fast to the Word of God in order to guard against these rampant lies. Sometimes it’s like everything old is new again; a re-vamp, re-imagined, [...]

    14 December 2022

  • hijab

    Dissenters opposing Iran’s hardline hijab mandate face having their bank accounts frozen, prison, or worse, if they fail to comply with what is being framed as a public health order. The 1979 Islamic dress code, which has been a catalyst for massive pro-civil liberty demonstrations [...]

    13 December 2022

  • Respect for Marriage Act

    Control of the US Senate has been decided, and now we hear that Senate Democrats have scheduled a vote Wednesday on the misnamed Respect for Marriage Act, in hopes of legislatively cementing the mother- and father-loss that the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling endorsed seven years ago. With [...]

    29 November 2022

  • covid lessons

    As the dust starts to finally settle on COVID-19 -- and life begins to get back, at least somewhat, to ‘normal’ -- I’ve been reflecting on what has happened over the past couple of years. What are the lessons which we, especially Christians, need to [...]

    21 November 2022

  • black sheep

    Many people know what it is like to be a black sheep. Many families and communities will have some black sheep: those who are ostracised and vilified because they are considered to be a disgrace. Sometimes such treatment can be justified -- sometimes not. Of [...]

    16 November 2022

  • blindness

    Some will ignore the evidence even when it stares them in the face. When folks are captivated by particular ideologies and belief systems, and are held captive to particular narratives, they can have reality and facts staring them in the face, but they will still [...]

    8 November 2022

  • The Atlantic pandemic amnesty

    A more honest headline for The Atlantic’s recent demand for amnesty over the pandemic response would have been: “Sorry, Not Sorry.” The sarcasm best represents the article’s smug sentiment. Author and economics professor Emily Oster inferred that we should just sweep the rubber bullets, totalitarianism, [...]

    4 November 2022

  • Brad Hazzard

    New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard has announced he will be quitting politics. No, that’s not thunder, that’s the sound of New South Wales clapping. Hazzard’s carry-on during the pandemic was a disgrace. The former science teacher bullied and belittled the public as if [...]

    25 October 2022

  • apologies accepted

    Don’t expect any apologies anytime soon. Little did I or anyone else know three years ago that the world would soon come to a standstill. Little did I or anyone else know three years ago that such a thing as Covid even existed. And little [...]

    20 October 2022

  • Peter Dutton

    Liberal supporters disappointed that Scott Morrison wasn’t interested in fighting the Culture Wars will be dismayed to discover that Peter Dutton seems intent on fighting them, but for the other side. The Opposition leader took time out from not opposing Net Zero madness to vilify [...]

    19 October 2022

  • This new book is a much-needed challenge to our complacent Christianity. What does today's world ask of the church? We must be ready to respond in faith. I and many others have long been saying that the church in the West -- be it America [...]

    13 October 2022

  • Pfizer

    Pfizer spokesperson Janine Small told the European Parliament this week that the pharmaceutical giant never tested their mRNA injection on its ability to stop transmission of COVID-19 before it went to market. The bombshell admission was made in response to a question by Dutch MEP [...]

    12 October 2022

  • mRNA vaccine

    Dr Aseem Malhotra, a well-known cardiologist and sometimes controversial British public health campaigner, once advocated the COVID-19 vaccine. However, in a recent video, Malhotra appears to have reversed his position on the basis of recent studies. Dr Assem Malhotra is well known in the United [...]

    12 October 2022

  • isolation

    If our Premiers want thanks, they're about two years too late. At the start of this month, the Prime Minister called an end to emergency Covid-19 ­restrictions, declaring that isolation periods are no longer necessary for those who catch the virus. So it’s basically a [...]

    12 October 2022

  • Kennedy book

    This new volume by Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. deserves a very wide reading. It is a slim book containing a wealth of information and sound truths about how the coronavirus scare was mishandled. Back in May, I posted an article examining 21 of the [...]

    10 October 2022

  • pandemic

    After the heavy-handed response to coronavirus over the past two years, ordinary folk are left with the devastating repercussions of the lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Our governments must be held accountable for their actions, so that in future, costly mistakes will not be repeated. It [...]

    7 October 2022

  • public health

    How poor healthcare regulation can harm citizens. In recent weeks, we have seen an increasing number of Australian healthcare professionals speak out about the silencing and regulation of medical professionals. The Australian Medical Professionals’ Society (AMPS) has recently shed light on serious restrictions placed on healthcare professionals [...]

    6 October 2022

  • sorry

    Sorry seems to be the hardest word for our politicians to utter. Recently I apologised for my profession. It occurred to me it was about time someone said ‘sorry’ for all that was done in the name of science and medicine over the past two [...]

    5 October 2022

  • vaxxer

    A government power grab created the anti-vax movement. I’ll come clean. Like most people defending their position on the Covid jabs, I used to start my apology with, ‘I’m no anti-vaxxer!’ Having probably received more vaccines than most, given I am both a doctor and [...]

    30 September 2022

  • teachers

    Why would NYC push experienced teachers out of the classroom in the middle of a teacher shortage? In the middle of a teacher shortage, New York City has axed almost 2000 teachers and classroom aides for not being vaccinated. It’s madness. And you have to [...]

    26 September 2022

  • prayer

    As the world around us seems to crumble, let us turn to prayer and beseech the Lord to pour His grace upon us and our nation, that we may have the wisdom and strength to do His will. If you’re anything like me, it’s tempting [...]

    20 September 2022

  • cashless Starbucks

    In a cashless society, all transactions will be at the mercy of Big Tech and governments. Are we ready to give up our privacy and individual freedom for the convenience of swiping a card or phone? There has been a huge public outcry after Starbucks [...]

    6 September 2022