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About Adam James

Adam is a barista, social entrepreneur, musician, Netflix-watcher, hiker, man of faith and public speaker.

He was the founder of a social enterprise cafe called Cup From Above which was based in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. While running the cafe, he launched Liberty Enterprises, which is a charity to help the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of Brisbane. Cup From Above closed down in 2018. Adam launched a new social enterprise called Liberty Services, which is a property maintenance business. It exists to create employment opportunities for individuals who are chronically unemployed.

For ten years preceding Cup From Above, Adam worked in the community sector with people with complex barriers including violent criminals, people with disabilities, behavioural problems, poor mental health and trauma survivors. Experiencing the frustration of the mainstream system firsthand has driven Adam to develop innovative strategies through Liberty Enterprises to effectively help struggling individuals through to independently sustainable success.
15 06, 2021

Charity Detox

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I just finished reading Robert Lupton's book, Toxic Charity. He is the founder of FCS Urban Ministries, and has 40 years of experience in urban ministries and community development. In the book he directly challenges the “white missionary colonialist saviour” approach to charity. If you’re more