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Born in Toronto in 1953, David attended the Royal Military College of Canada and graduated with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. After ten years in the Canadian Armed Forces, David retired as a Captain and went to work in Papua New Guinea as a volunteer government engineer. There he met and married Marilyn, an Australian missionary Bible teacher.

Together, David and Marilyn served as missionaries at the Christian Leaders’ Training College, an interdenominational Bible College serving the churches of the South Pacific Islands. David was the Dean of Distance Theological Education. In this role, David and Marilyn wrote several Theological Education by Extension courses. During their twenty-five years in Papua New Guinea they developed a passion for prayer, revival and missions supported by sound Biblical teaching.

After returning to Australia, David served as a full-time volunteer prayer coordinator and writer with the Canberra Declaration, and a member of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting organising team. David and Marilyn have three daughters, all born in Papua New Guinea; and eight grandchildren, all born in Australia. David became an Australian citizen in 2007 and enjoys playing hymns on the bagpipes.
15 10, 2021

Bullying and the Image of God: What Would Jesus Do?

By |2021-10-15T06:31:35+11:00October 15th, 2021|Australia, Children, Fairness & Justice, Faith, Gender, Safety & Security|0 Comments

Bullying is a massive problem throughout Australia today. As with any issue, it is important to approach it from a Biblical perspective. Might is Not Always Right With its proud history, the Australian Defence Force has been entrusted with sophisticated weaponry with immense destructive power. ...read more

27 08, 2021

Jesus and the Image of God

By |2021-08-25T11:14:39+10:00August 27th, 2021|Faith|0 Comments

Who is Jesus? To the Christian believer, Jesus is many things. We know Him as our Saviour, Lord, Redeemer and so much more. But here, let us focus afresh on another astounding truth about Jesus. We read in the Bible, “He is the image of ...read more

16 08, 2021

Yoga and the Image of God

By |2021-08-14T12:41:21+10:00August 16th, 2021|Faith, Good Books|0 Comments

The Allure of Yoga The attractive woman on the beach gracefully moves her body into the next yoga pose -- arms extended, head tilted slightly back, a deep breath in. Yoga is one of many Eastern spiritual practices that have become widely practiced in Western ...read more

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