Dr David Logan

About Dr David Logan

Dr David Logan is a retired pastor living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with his wife, Christine. Together they have four children and six grandchildren. David holds degrees in Trauma Management, Arts (Psychology major), Ministry and a Doctorate in Theology.

David pastored churches in Victoria and NSW for 43 years and served in various denominational leadership roles. He served as a University Chaplain, an Emergency Services Chaplain, and a Bible College lecturer. He has also served on business and school boards, hospital ethics and grief and trauma committees, and is a member of the International High IQ Society. David remains a credentialed minister of the Australian Christian Churches and is a credentialed chaplain with Chaplaincy Australia.
3 04, 2019


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Throughout the ages, people of faith have tended to believe that the end of human life lies within the Divine prerogative – that is to say that life belongs to God and thus is His to give and take, so God alone has the right ...read more