Gail Petherick

Gail was born in Melbourne. She married Ian in 1995; they have a son and two grandchildren.

Her father was a reconnaissance flyer in World War II; earlier, a farmer. The impact of the war memories and later her Dad’s breakdowns permeated her and her brother’s lives.

After she attended Monash University and went into teaching, Gail's life came to a crisis point in 1971 when hitchhiking. She asked: ‘If there is a God, can He save me?’

She was desperate to find truth amid Eastern religion and left for India. Amazingly, she found the Good Shepherd instead.

Articles by Gail Petherick.

  • 2 February 2023

    15.3 MINS

    When I was looking in the wrong place for enlightenment and peace, God gently guided me to Himself and granted me the gift of faith. I was born in Melbourne, the only sister to my three brothers. My father was a farmer from Cowra, New [...]