Graham McDonald

About Graham McDonald

Graham has been involved in Children’s Ministry for nearly forty years in Australia and overseas. He is keen to encourage parents, clergy, and Children’s Ministry Workers to be skilled communicators of the reality of Jesus to the children.

He is the Founder of the DIDUNO network, researching and revealing Australia’s strong Christian Heritage, which is a part of the National Curriculum. This is his testimony.
19 07, 2021

The Coca-Cola Story

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Asa Candler (1851-1929) Coca-Cola, Cocaine, Caffeine and the Christian Connection. This flowing copperplate script with red and white colours is a logo that is recognisable around the world. Its success is due to Asa Candler, whose primary motivation in all he attempted was more

15 07, 2021

The Jesus of History

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Time Magazine did a story about the ‘Most Significant Person in History’, and concluded after a very comprehensive and detailed research program that Jesus was that person. The results appeared in their December 10th, 2013 edition. If one googles ‘the most significant person in History’ more