Graham McDonald

Graham has been involved in children’s ministry for nearly forty years, both in Australia and overseas. He is passionate about encouraging parents, clergy, and children’s ministry workers to be skilled communicators of the reality of Jesus to the children they serve. He is the founder of the DIDUNO network, which researches and reveals Australia’s strong Christian heritage and is a part of the National Curriculum. More of his testimony can be found here.

Articles by Graham McDonald:

  • 5 November 2021

    2.9 MINS

    Holden is an iconic Australian brand. But many don't know the story behind Henry James Holden. He was not only an automobile manufacturer, but a Christian and a

  • 20 October 2021

    2.1 MINS

    A most unlikely man, Thomas James, was engaged in education in the early days of Australian schooling. Even more improbable is the fact that he said he went int

  • 13 October 2021

    2 MINS

    By the 1950’s, the Royal Flying Doctor Service was acknowledged by former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies as “perhaps the single greatest contribution to the

  • 7 October 2021

    2.7 MINS

    A talented inventor, poet and writer, David Uniapon is an outstanding figure in Australian history. This article explores how David's faith was of critical impo

  • 30 September 2021

    2.3 MINS

    Australia’s iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is recognised around the world. On May 28th 2000 a milestone was reached as 250,000 people turned up for the Walk of Re

  • 28 September 2021

    3 MINS

    Most Australians are familiar with Queen Elizabeth -- our head of state -- but few are aware of the depth of faith that the monarch possesses. Did you know that

  • 24 September 2021

    2.9 MINS

    Most Australians know of the Battle of Beersheba, but far fewer realise that its architect, Sir Harry Chauvel possessed a sincere Christian faith. The horses we

  • 17 September 2021

    4.5 MINS

    In 2006, a small Amish school suffered a tragic vengeance shooting, leaving five schoolgirls dead and others injured. Contrary to expectation, however, the Amis

  • 19 July 2021

    4.1 MINS

    Asa Candler (1851-1929) Coca-Cola, Cocaine, Caffeine and the Christian Connection. This flowing copperplate script with red and white colours is a logo that i

  • 15 July 2021

    3.1 MINS

    Time Magazine did a story about the ‘Most Significant Person in History’, and concluded after a very comprehensive and detailed research program that Jesus was