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Greg Bondar, MBA (UNE), BEc (USYD), serves as the NSW State Director of FamilyVoice Australia. Greg was formerly the Federal and NSW State Director for the Christian Democratic Party of Australia (Fred Nile Group) where he oversaw the 2016 federal elections and various by-elections. He was also a Senior Adviser to the Minister for Transport and Regional Development in the first term of the Howard Government.

Greg worships at Blakehurst Anglican Church (St Martin's) in the southern suburbs of Sydney where he currently heads up the Men’s Ministry. He is also a Lay Preacher and has been a Parish Council member and a representative on the Sydney Anglican Diocese Synod. He is also involved in Million Christian Men Ministries, which focusses on resources for Christian Men. Greg is an Accredited Chaplain with Sports Chaplaincy Australia and completed numerous courses at Moore Theological College. He holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from the University of New England, Armidale.
29 10, 2020

Finding Our Strength in Jesus

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In the first year of my Economics degree at Sydney University, I was taught the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility. This is an economic theory which predicts that at some point, the optimal level of capacity is reached, so that adding an additional unit will more

17 06, 2019

Will Christian Political Parties Survive? The Future Outlook for CDP

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Growth in the religiously-unaffiliated is a demographic catastrophe for a Christian party that only speaks to the faithful. The recent federal election in Australia has, however, clearly shown that Christians, on the right or left, are a growing voting bloc. So it was not surprising more