Kym Farnik

About Kym Farnik

Kym lives with his wife Nel in Adelaide, South Australia, and they fellowship at Field of Dreams church in Maylands. Kym and Nel are active in local, national, and global ministries and have ministered in various nations including Kenya, Uganda, and Israel.

Kym is also a Board Member of Rahab Ministries, an outreach to the sex industry. Kym has a background in business and the IT industry.

Kym has worked with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and other ministries, as well as various city-wide events, and is passionate about unity and oneness for the Ekklesia (the Church) so that the Gospel of the Kingdom can be preached.

Kym’s prophetic ministry site is at Ruach haKodesh where you can connect with both Kym and Nel.

They are both active in various local and national prayer groups. Nel leads Celebrate Israel, which is a prayer and support ministry for Israel. Kym and Nel have a call to support the nation of Israel.
25 04, 2020

ANZAC Heroes

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It is well known that most who served in the Anzac forces were believers in our Lord Jesus. Many carried Bibles. I share three stories here. First, Harry Bell who lied about his age to join the Australian Light Horse and gave his life at more