Leonie and her husband Ivan are songwriters, worship leaders, parents and grandparents. They have operated in lay ministry in cross denominational setting for many years. Leonie writes poetry and lyrics, and is an artist of great repute (according to her granddaughter, at least!). Both Leonie and her husband take a great interest in history, current events and politics.

Articles by leonierobson.

  • 8 November 2022

    4.6 MINS

    Just what does it take for the people of God to rise up and proclaim, “You shall go no further!” 1 Samuel 17 recounts the story of David and Goliath. It is one of the most well-known stories in the Old Testament. The church of [...]

  • 3 October 2022

    3.2 MINS

    Intention Let us decide to whom we will bow. Scripture “So, fear the Lord and serve Him wholeheartedly. Put away forever the idols your ancestors worshipped… serve the Lord alone. But if you refuse to serve the Lord, then choose today whom you will serve… [...]

  • 20 September 2022

    4.1 MINS

    As the world around us seems to crumble, let us turn to prayer and beseech the Lord to pour His grace upon us and our nation, that we may have the wisdom and strength to do His will. If you’re anything like me, it’s tempting [...]

  • 1 September 2022

    4.5 MINS

    Western morality has changed rapidly in the last ten years alone, following hot on the heels of the postwar Sexual Revolution. How have we come to this state of affairs? There are a lot of sayings about time: it flies, it goes fast when you’re [...]

  • 11 August 2022

    4.4 MINS

    We are in a profound spiritual battle, beset by culture wars. Are you with your compatriots in the fray, or missing from the battlefield? The term ‘missing in action’ is of course a military one: when a soldier, during, or in the wake of a [...]

  • 20 July 2022

    9.8 MINS

    Reluctant heroes are usually the best ones. He was perfect for this job, because he didn't want it. Erstwhile Qantas pilot Graham Hood shared his life's story of trauma, loss, salvation, healing and renewal. Last week my husband and I attended a rally at our [...]

  • 21 June 2022

    5.7 MINS

    Let us summon the strength and discipline to tune out of the spiritual and cultural white noise that daily assaults us from every direction, and listen to God's voice in the silence of our hearts, reading His Word and abiding by His ways. “What? I [...]

  • 14 April 2022

    9 MINS

    We learn from the story of Nehemiah that those who betray God's people will eventually face His wrath. We cannot compromise on God's commands -- divine law demands full obedience. In disobedience, we lose the blessings promised by God to those who love Him. What [...]

  • 13 April 2022

    3.5 MINS

    Memories of a classic film on the life and death of Christ bring forth moving reflections on the wonderful gift of love and salvation which God has bestowed on us all. This Good Friday, let us contemplate the immeasurable love which God has for each [...]

  • 1 April 2022

    9.8 MINS

    The Old Testament story of Nehemiah encourages us to get up and rebuild our crumbling society, for the kingdom of God is at hand, and His strength is with us. Though all around us may seem dire and we encounter much opposition, God has the [...]