Lex Stewart

About Lex Stewart

Lex Stewart recently retired after 50 years work mainly as an Engineer, but he also did periods of work for six MPs (3 in Canberra, 3 in NSW) including a Minister and a Senator.

He became a Christian at age 14 in Cronulla Baptist church. He met his wife just before his HSC, and they married after he completed his Engineering Degree with the University Medal.

In the 1970s he was a Factory Manager in the chemicals industry.
In the 1980s he worked in every field of what is now called the EPA, including that as Chairman of an intergovernmental committee he chose 91 as the octane for unleaded petrol.
In the 1990s he was Road Safety and Community Relations Manager in the Roads and Traffic Authority’s Western region.
Since the year 2000, he has worked in WHS, waste disposal, opencut coalmines, biodiesel manufacturing, and food manufacturing.