Matt Madigan

About Matt Madigan

Matt is married to Kate and together with their 4 teenage children they have spent 8 years of their lives planting and pastoring The Hope Project in Bondi, Australia. They met while serving in Youth with a Mission in Sydney. They have spent nearly all of their 22 years married in serving and building the local Church or in global missions.

Matt studied a Bachelor of Arts (Welfare Studies) soon after school leading to various roles with young people. During his time as a youth worker with the Anglican Church he completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies with Tabor College Australia. After finishing with the Anglican Church and before church planting, he completed his Master of Divinity from the Australian College of Theology.

As a young person he read David Yonggi Cho’s Prayer: Key to Revival and it forever changed his life. It ignited a passion for prayer for revival that has never abated. During the early 2000’s he joined up with The Call Australia and spearheaded the 40 days of prayer and fasting for The Call. In 2005 he wrote his first book about prayer and fasting after discovering the grace for extended fasting on his life. During his M.Div. he wrote his Master’s thesis on Biblical fasting, which formed the basis for his second book.

Matt is the author of This Chosen Fast and Invitation to a Fast. He blogs at 7-14.