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About Monica Bennett-Ryan

Monica Bennett-Ryan is a Christian author and a whistleblower. While working within one of Australia’s intelligence organisations, Monica and two other dedicated Christians witnessed things they shouldn’t have seen. The evidence to back their claims was inaccessible, locked away in secret Defence computer files.

Though they were sworn to secrecy and could have been prosecuted for revealing what they knew, in May of 2011 they made the bold decision to take what they knew to the media. Monica and her colleagues then watched in awe as God not only protected them from prosecution but exposed the greatest intelligence scandal in Australia’s history. More of Monica's remarkable story can be read at In His Name.
10 04, 2020

A Love Poem for Easter

By |2020-04-10T17:21:44+10:00April 10th, 2020|Authors, Faith|4 Comments

This Easter is going to be different! We can’t go to church, we can’t gather with friends. But we can gather with family around a meal. Many love the tradition of going to church and coming home to a special Easter lunch. After a rousing more