Paul Roe

Paul Roe was born into a family of storytellers in Sydney, studied history under an atheist professor who hammered his Christian worldview into shape, and had it further tested in the classroom by ranks of senior high school boys game for an argument.

Three decades in outback Bourke completed his apprenticeship. Interviewing authentic pioneers for local radio, leading young adults in an intensive study of biblical history on a farm kibbutz and exploring the stories of an enormous Western region as a tourism development manager, convinced him of the need to know where we had come from. And as he put these narratives to work in school rooms, pubs, conference halls, tour buses, churches and magazines, he discovered the power of stories not only to intrigue and motivate people but most importantly, to touch their souls.

He became convinced that a great store of faith stories lay hidden waiting to be told all across Australia. He knew that it was urgent to return these stories to the national conversation about the future. He made it his business to inspire and train an army who would develop a burn to recover and relay this powerful heritage creatively to new generations oblivious of its value. There was every reason they should aim to be the best storytellers in Australia.

Articles by Paul Roe.

  • 9 July 2022

    3.9 MINS

    Pastor Sir Doug and Lady Gladys Nicholls were a compelling double act, working throughout their lives for the human rights of Indigenous Australians without rancour, despite the injustices they witnessed and experienced. In December 2007, a crowd of 500 people outside Victoria’s Parliament building gave [...]

  • 8 July 2022

    3.2 MINS

    This NAIDOC Week, let us recall the bravery of Bill Ferguson, the Indigenous leader who stood up for the civil rights of his people in a time of rampant racism and discrimination. Dr Paul Roe writes: In December 1949, Bill Ferguson made this commitment to [...]