Rodney Rivers

Rodney Rivers is a Christian who works with John Blacket to speak out a prophetic voice to the church in Australia. He has been a Bible translator for the Kriol Bible in North Australia and is highly regarded in the church and society in Australia. He speaks a warning to Australia that also speaks to many other nations about the rise of false religions. [Rod is not a pastor or elder. He claims no titles. His qualification is in 1 Cor. 1:27]

Articles by Rodney Rivers.

  • 5 August 2021

    4.2 MINS

    Here are two dreamtime stories -- or ngarranggarni -- describing the origins of the Barramundi Gap where the Argyle diamond mine was located. 1. Jaliwang/Gadjerong Ngarranggarni Barramundi Dreaming Story The first story is the Mirwoong story and it goes something like this: A barramundi was [...]

  • 20 June 2021

    4.9 MINS

    Last year Andrew Forrest (‘Twiggy’ Forrest from FMG) donated $800 million to cancer research. There’s a place for research, there’s a place for medicine, there’s a place for doctors and nurses, but there is also a place for Divine Healing and spiritual gifts. Since the [...]

  • 1 June 2021

    4.1 MINS

    In traditional Aboriginal culture, there are laws about all of life and how to care for the land. In the Kimberley we have 8 male and 8 female skin names: Mother/Wife – Father/Husband Nambiyin – Jangari Nagada – Jawilyi Nyajadi – Jagada Nangari – Jambiyin [...]

  • 26 May 2021

    4.5 MINS

    Back in the early 90s, I was living in Toowoomba, Queensland, and I went over to the Kimberley, to Halls Creek, to visit. My Mum wasn’t feeling well and was lying on the bed, and she called out to me and said, “Come here. I [...]

  • 23 January 2021

    4.7 MINS

    You will see in all the major cities of Australia on 26th January a smoking ceremony being performed. This ceremony is disguised, and is presented to you as ‘Aboriginal culture’, but it is not what it seems. I do not want to criticise or denigrate [...]

  • 3 September 2020

    5.2 MINS

    The Global Visitation About the middle of 1987, I was caught up in a supernatural dream. At the time, I was working in Sydney at Kellyville for a Christian family as a machine operator. I was living in the Blue Mountains at Blackheath, west of [...]

  • 25 November 2019

    8 MINS

    As an indigenous Aboriginal from the Kimberley in North-West Australia, it is my duty to alert the public of the dangerous consequences and the curses they will unknowingly put on themselves, their families and others when they are coerced into the promotion and rise of [...]