Stephen Chavura

Dr. Stephen Chavura teaches European and Australian history at Campion College in Sydney. Prior to this he taught the philosophy of social science and political theory at several Australian universities. He has published in numerous journals, and his most recent (co-authored) book is The Forgotten Menzies: The World Picture of Australia’s Longest Serving Prime Minister, which was listed in the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘Most Anticipated Books of 2021’.

Stephen is a contributor to The Australian and has also written for Spectator Australia and ABC Religion and Ethics. In 2021 he recorded a two-part interview with former deputy-Prime Minister John Anderson: Part 1, Part 2. Many of Stephen Chavura’s scholarly publications can be accessed here.

Articles by Stephen Chavura

  • 17 June 2021

    4.9 MINS

    The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is clearly a growing movement. But not all Christians are pleased that it is growing. A common criticism is that Christian advocacy groups like the ACL or the Canberra Declaration have too narrow a focus on political issues to the [...]

  • 20 October 2020

    2.1 MINS

    This post is really for Christians who are conservative but who believe that voting for Trump is wrong. A common Christian argument against voting for Trump is that Christians should not buy into a 'means justifies the ends' morality. In other words, Christians should not [...]