25 03, 2023

Australia’s Erosion of Informed Consent and the Avoidable Death of Children

By |2023-03-23T17:14:13+11:0025 March 2023|Australia, Children, Fairness & Justice, Leadership, Politics, Safety & Security|1 Comment

By Kara Thomas and Tony Nikolic. Deception can be lethal. The last three years of Covid have taught us that. Adding to the pile of disconcerting information are revelations from recent Senate Estimate hearings regarding the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) handling of the deaths of two young children [...]

20 03, 2023

Snake Stories for Young and Old

By |2023-03-19T17:19:04+11:0020 March 2023|Children, Family, Life|0 Comments

Recently I caught a Diamond Python on my daily prayer walk in the rainforest at Mt Kembla, near where I live in Wollongong, Australia. Someone asked me, “Why did you catch it?” That is a good question. If the truth is to be known, I [...]

7 03, 2023

Is It Time to Defund Public Education?

By |2023-03-05T07:33:26+11:007 March 2023|Australia, Children, Fairness & Justice, Faith, Family, Freedom, World|2 Comments

Parents are increasingly choosing private over public education. Governments should respect that choice instead of undermining religious freedom and parental rights. For quite some time, I have been concerned about the attack upon private schools, and in particular, those who are faith-based. With almost boring [...]

6 03, 2023

Education Today is Barbarism

By |2023-03-04T09:22:25+11:006 March 2023|Children, Family, Freedom|4 Comments

Professor James Tooley, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Buckingham, discusses the role of education in the modern age, and the relationship between parental and government oversight in our education systems. Buckingham University is the oldest of only six private higher education institutions in the UK [...]

2 03, 2023

Speak Up for Babies Born Alive in Abortion

By |2023-03-06T19:00:12+11:002 March 2023|Australia, Children, Declaration Editorial, Fairness & Justice, Family, Life, Safety & Security|1 Comment

Statistics suggest that every year in Australia, over 100 babies are born alive during failed abortion attempts and then left die. Please speak up for them. Last year, George Christensen drafted the Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2022, in an effort to protect [...]

24 02, 2023

Successful Religious Discrimination Claim in Foster-Carer Case

By |2023-02-24T07:30:11+11:0024 February 2023|Australia, Children, Fairness & Justice, Faith, Family, Sexual Integrity|1 Comment

Just before Christmas, a significant religious discrimination decision was handed down in the Western Australian State Administrative Tribunal. In HORDYK and WANSLEA FAMILY SERVICES INC [2022] WASAT 117 (23 December 2022), the Tribunal held that Mr and Mrs Hordyk had been indirectly discriminated against on [...]

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