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15 08, 2022

The Divine Refinery

By |2022-08-15T08:41:21+10:0015 August 2022|Faith, Good Books|0 Comments

How are you doing in God’s refining process? According to Scripture, God both tests and refines His people, and images of refining fires, crucibles for metals, purifying fires, the smelting process, and the like are often used. While testing and purifying are somewhat distinct but [...]

11 08, 2022

Are You Missing in Action?

By |2022-08-11T08:20:05+10:0011 August 2022|Faith, Indigenous|0 Comments

We are in a profound spiritual battle, beset by culture wars. Are you with your compatriots in the fray, or missing from the battlefield? The term ‘missing in action’ is of course a military one: when a soldier, during, or in the wake of a [...]

10 08, 2022

Learning to Wait on the Lord

By |2022-08-08T12:33:31+10:0010 August 2022|Faith|1 Comment

Editor's Note: Sr María Gonzalo-García, writing in Plough, muses on the spiritual fruits gained as we wait for God to act in our lives. ___ Rafael Arnaiz, the young future saint, thought he was doing God’s will. Then diabetes forced him to return home from [...]

3 08, 2022

Ditch the Prayer? We May Need Prayer More than Ever With This Parliament!

By |2022-08-03T13:33:37+10:003 August 2022|Australia, Fairness & Justice, Faith, Leadership|0 Comments

Our current parliament reveals more of its leftist secularist ideals, trampling on Australian history and applying dastardly double standards. If there is a word that substitutes for thought among our political class, it is ‘diversity’. Diversity is a kind of magical word that is summoned [...]

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