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10 08, 2022

Learning to Wait on the Lord

By |2022-08-08T12:33:31+10:0010 August 2022|Faith|1 Comment

Editor's Note: Sr María Gonzalo-García, writing in Plough, muses on the spiritual fruits gained as we wait for God to act in our lives. ___ Rafael Arnaiz, the young future saint, thought he was doing God’s will. Then diabetes forced him to return home from [...]

3 08, 2022

Ditch the Prayer? We May Need Prayer More than Ever With This Parliament!

By |2022-08-03T13:33:37+10:003 August 2022|Australia, Fairness & Justice, Faith, Leadership|0 Comments

Our current parliament reveals more of its leftist secularist ideals, trampling on Australian history and applying dastardly double standards. If there is a word that substitutes for thought among our political class, it is ‘diversity’. Diversity is a kind of magical word that is summoned [...]

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