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20 09, 2022

The One Kingdom Where All Are Welcome

By |2022-09-19T18:40:26+10:0020 September 2022|Faith, Leadership|0 Comments

Human governments cannot do what only God’s government can. Every tyrant and dictator wants to be ruler over all peoples, and with no dissent allowed. While the masses may in part go along with their rule, there are always various groups -- ethnic, religious, cultural, [...]

20 09, 2022

The Purpose of Prayer in These Darkening Days

By |2022-09-19T19:07:30+10:0020 September 2022|Faith|4 Comments

As the world around us seems to crumble, let us turn to prayer and beseech the Lord to pour His grace upon us and our nation, that we may have the wisdom and strength to do His will. If you’re anything like me, it’s tempting [...]

19 09, 2022

Lessons I Am Learning from the Moravians

By |2022-09-19T11:41:14+10:0019 September 2022|Faith, Leadership|2 Comments

Reading about the startling story of the Moravians is truly inspiring. They have left us a rich legacy and example of prayer-filled faith in action, bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the whole world. As a boy, growing up in Yorkshire, England, I [...]

16 09, 2022

US Mid-Terms Expose Genocidal Woke Jihadism

By |2022-09-16T09:53:36+10:0016 September 2022|Faith, World|1 Comment

Just like those who incited genocide in Rwanda, woke Democrats are employing extreme rhetoric to demonise their political opponents, stirring up the flames of fear and hatred. Will we see violence like the riots which followed the election of President Trump? At closer inspection, what’s [...]

15 09, 2022

Reigning and Ruling With Christ

By |2022-09-15T15:39:21+10:0015 September 2022|Faith|0 Comments

There might be a new king in England, but we are co-rulers with Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, now and forevermore. A grand theme of Scripture is that Christ is king. His rule is everlasting. The kingdoms of men will come and go, but [...]

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