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6 12, 2022

Lib’s Bragg on Drag

By |2022-12-05T18:39:49+11:006 December 2022|Australia, Leadership, Sexual Integrity|4 Comments

I’m at a loss to explain the fascination our supposedly conservative politicians have with blokes dressed in drag. Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg voted last week against a motion to hold an inquiry into the alarming number of children being experimented on with hormones and irreversible [...]

30 11, 2022

Victoria: Utility vs Freedom

By |2022-11-29T08:40:59+11:0030 November 2022|Australia, Freedom, Leadership|0 Comments

Some are saying the Victorian election result was rigged. It wasn’t. This isn’t Arizona. The only reason someone could be shocked at the Victorian election outcome is if they misjudged Australians to be freedom-loving. Aussies like freedom, but they don’t love it. They can live [...]

24 11, 2022

Teals Want to Lower the Voting Age

By |2022-11-23T19:22:54+11:0024 November 2022|Australia, Leadership|1 Comment

Would you trust your teenager with the budget? Teal politician Dr Monique Ryan wants parliament to let 16-year-olds vote. As the parent of twin teenagers, I can attest that this is a terrible idea. I wouldn’t trust 16-year-olds to get the ingredients for a chicken [...]

23 11, 2022

Victoria: Irony is Dead!

By |2022-11-22T15:39:46+11:0023 November 2022|Australia, Leadership, Life, Sexual Integrity|2 Comments

Victorian Liberal leader Matthew Guy has said that a Liberal candidate who believes abortion is wrong will be banned from sitting in the party room if elected. Her views are “extremist”, he said. The irony of this is that the pro-abortion movement calls themselves “pro-choice”. [...]

22 11, 2022

Twitter Welcomes Back Trump

By |2022-11-22T15:43:07+11:0022 November 2022|Freedom, Leadership, World|1 Comment

Poll determines the former US President should be allowed back on Twitter. Elon Musk announced the day before yesterday that former President Donald Trump will be allowed back on Twitter. Musk made the announcement after conducting an online poll that attracted more than 15 million [...]

14 11, 2022

God, Politics, and the Believer

By |2022-11-13T15:40:11+11:0014 November 2022|Leadership, World|1 Comment

Following the mid-term results, we need to reflect again on matters of faith and politics. Well, the American mid-terms have come and gone. Yes, counting continues, and some results -- including a likely Georgia run-off election to be held next month -- will take some [...]

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