16 03, 2023

Don’t Expect a Church that Bent Over for the Jab to Protest Being Arrested for Silent Prayers

By |2023-03-15T15:35:48+11:0016 March 2023|Australia, Fairness & Justice, Faith, Freedom, Leadership, Life, Prayer, Safety & Security, World|5 Comments

Turn in your hymnal to everyone's favourite: "Go Along to Get Along". WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do) Well, He’d get jabbed, of course. I mean, it’s the Christian thing to do. Wait. Why would Jesus need a vaccine at all? Er, never mind. WWJD isn’t supposed to be an [...]

11 02, 2023

Day 21: Following our King

By |2023-02-09T21:28:36+11:0011 February 2023|Life, Prayer|5 Comments

“But thanks be to God, Who in Christ always leads us in triumph (as trophies of Christ’s victory) and through us spreads and makes evident the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere.” ~ 2 Corinthians 2:14 AMPC Today we walk the streets of Adelaide, [...]

10 02, 2023

Day 20: Their Days Appointed

By |2023-02-09T21:21:18+11:0010 February 2023|Life, Prayer|1 Comment

Every human being for all time has the wonderful heritage of being in the Trinity’s thoughts. Our unformed substance was seen by God’s eyes, and the days appointed for us were all written in His book! Psalm 139:15-17 (AMP) says: 15 My frame was not [...]

9 02, 2023

Day 19: God’s Mighty Weapons

By |2023-02-09T08:10:15+11:009 February 2023|Life, Prayer|1 Comment

There are keys to knowing how to triumph in this fight for the vulnerable unborn. “We are human, but we don’t wage war as humans do. We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false [...]

8 02, 2023

Prayerless Christians

By |2023-02-07T21:06:50+11:008 February 2023|Australia, Faith, Good Books, Prayer|4 Comments

We all need to pray more -- I sure do. Just in case you are thinking: ‘Here goes Bill again, bashing other believers’ -- not so. If anything, I am bashing myself here, while trying to encourage others. I have not prayed anywhere near as [...]

8 02, 2023

Day 18: Help from Heaven

By |2023-02-06T08:23:02+11:008 February 2023|Life, Prayer|1 Comment

Sometimes to save a child, the Lord gives us dreams and sends His angels to help in situations that are life and death -- situations which we, as humans, may not otherwise be aware of. Joseph, who was engaged to Mary the mother of Jesus, [...]

7 02, 2023

Day 17: His Strength

By |2023-02-06T08:08:36+11:007 February 2023|Life, Prayer|1 Comment

As we contend in prayer and fasting for the ending of abortion, we are at times confronted by massive disappointment and at other times real victories. We journey through, keeping our eyes on the Lord Jesus, and our hearts open to learn His ways. The [...]

6 02, 2023

Day 16: Empowerment to Help

By |2023-02-01T17:23:23+11:006 February 2023|Life, Prayer|1 Comment

Great grace abounds in our days because of the triumph of the cross of our King who ransomed us. He came and died to ransom all humanity from the consequences of our sin. Our Lord has invited everyone to ‘Call to Me and I will [...]

5 02, 2023

Day 15: Keep Watch and Pray

By |2023-02-01T17:13:26+11:005 February 2023|Life, Prayer|3 Comments

After 50 years of prayer by the Church of Jesus Christ in the USA and the world, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday 24 June 2022. The decision dismantled 50 years of legal protection for the right to abortion in the [...]

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