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10 08, 2022

Who is Klaus Schwab?

By |2022-08-08T13:14:01+10:0010 August 2022|Safety & Security, World|0 Comments

Nation First takes a look at the founder of the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab is the brains behind the World Economic Forum (WEF), being both the organisation’s founder and chairman since its inception in 1971. Schwab was born and raised in Ravensburg, Germany. And, [...]

1 08, 2022

Dr Robert Malone Introduces Ed Dowd on Central Banks, Global Debt & COVID

By |2022-07-30T12:35:22+10:001 August 2022|Freedom, Safety & Security, World|15 Comments

Sobering disability and mortality statistics from the United States around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic raise serious questions about how our governments have handled this public health crisis, particularly with the massive push for ineffective and possibly deadly vaccination. I first met Ed Dowd during an [...]

25 07, 2022

America (Pronouns Was/Were)

By |2022-07-25T08:18:39+10:0025 July 2022|Identity Politics, Safety & Security, World|1 Comment

Russian officials are openly mocking America’s embrace of transgenderism, taunting the United States to “keep going”. The ridicule came after a photo of transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine and non-binary Deputy Assistant Nuclear Energy Secretary Sam Brinton went viral last week. The queer duo [...]

22 07, 2022

Farmers Against Fascism

By |2022-07-21T08:53:35+10:0022 July 2022|Fairness & Justice, Safety & Security, World|1 Comment

We must support the brave Dutch farmers against the globalists. Green ideology is destroying agricultural production and food security, which will have worldwide ramifications, involving significant suffering, as witnessed in Sri Lanka. The Dutch are a tolerant people, and they have a long-standing reputation for [...]

19 07, 2022

No Place for a Caring Conscientious Doctor in a World of Irrational Health Mandates

By |2022-08-04T11:48:19+10:0019 July 2022|Australia, Fairness & Justice, Safety & Security, World|2 Comments

Medical professionals, politicians and others gathered recently to voice their concerns about the way the coronavirus outbreak has been handled, particularly in regard to vaccine mandates and the suppression of alternative treatment options despite clear evidence. Public health policy has been overtaken by ideology and [...]

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