25 05, 2023

Covid-19 was Created in a Wuhan Lab — And Now You’re Allowed to Say So

By |2023-05-23T19:19:21+10:0025 May 2023|Fairness & Justice, Freedom, Leadership, Politics, World|0 Comments

For nearly three years, journalists in the world media have behaved like activists. In early 2020, a New York Times headline scoffed, “Senator Tom Cotton Repeats Fringe Theory of Coronavirus Origins”. In early March, the newspaper of record is sounding a different tune: “Lab Leak Most Likely [...]

19 05, 2023

Trump Exonerated: The Durham Report

By |2023-05-18T17:04:24+10:0019 May 2023|Fairness & Justice, Politics, World|3 Comments

John Durham’s independent report to Biden’s Department of Justice is big legal win for Donald Trump. Fresh off the back of a CNN interview where the host unintentionally catapulted Trump’s 2024 candidacy, the 316-page summary exonerated the former President, as much as it condemned his [...]

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