• 30 January 2023

    2.8 MINS

    Jonathan Roumie, who stars as Jesus in the popular crowd-funded television series The Chosen, spoke on Friday 20 January at the annual March for Life in Washington, DC. He proclaimed: “God is real and He is completely in love with you because you are all [...]

  • 21 December 2022

    6.4 MINS

    The secular left West is becoming ever more similar to communism. Christianity was one of the main driving forces of the West. For many centuries, they were in many ways synonymous. But as Christianity weakened, so too did the West. Thus what can be called [...]

  • 25 November 2022

    2.9 MINS

    Bestselling Christian novelist Stephen Lawhead's Roman retelling of King Arthur is being prepped for the big screen. Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing announced a multi-film adaption of the six-book series, The Pendragon Cycle, during what is the conservative media company’s equivalent of a state of [...]

  • 23 October 2022

    3.1 MINS

    LIFEMARK is one of the best movies I have ever seen.  Furthermore, it is definitely the Kendrick brothers’ greatest movie yet! That’s why I am writing to you to encourage you to see LIFEMARK at the movies this week before it disappears from the big [...]

  • 21 October 2022

    6.2 MINS

    There is no getting around it -- Christians are fools for Christ. The Kingdom of God is an upside-down kingdom. Those things that God values, cherishes and loves are the things the world spurns. And what the world celebrates and promotes are often the things [...]

  • 14 October 2022

    1.7 MINS

    We are so excited about the most recent release by the Kendrick Brothers: LIFEMARK! Based on an inspiring true story, it features a fantastic lineup of emerging young actors alongside the likes of Alex Kendrick and Kirk Cameron. The acting is great; the visuals are [...]

  • 11 October 2022

    2 MINS

    Look out for this fabulous new pro-life film, LIFEMARK, coming to Australian theatres this week. Brought to you by the Kendrick Brothers and based on a true story, LIFEMARK illustrates the beautiful life-giving act of adoption. Imagine a film from the creators of War Room [...]

  • 4 October 2022

    1.6 MINS

    Released last week, ‘Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion’ is an intrepid documentary featuring the harrowing stories of those injured by mRNA Covid injections, and examining the systemic failures that apparently enabled them. The British-based film narrated by actor John Bowe has garnered half a [...]

  • 9 September 2022

    3.5 MINS

    Hostile Territory, the latest offering from actor, director, and writer Brian Presley, has all the right dads-for-kids ingredients. Set in Missouri in the mid-1860s, the 2022 film is an award-worthy western with a crisp contemporary edge. The well-thought-out script follows battle-hardened Union army Captain Jack [...]

  • 24 June 2022

    2.9 MINS

    "Fatherhood" is a heartwarming and humorous film about a single dad doing his best to be a good parent to his daughter. Between the laughs, there are nuggets of wisdom about the parenting journey and the irreplaceable love and care of a father. Recently on [...]


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