• 29 May 2023

    6.1 MINS

    80 years ago C S Lewis clearly sounded the alarm, but we paid no heed. He told us so. He tried to warn us. He sounded the alarm 80 years ago. Back in 1943 Lewis gave three extremely important lectures which were published four years later in the form of The Abolition of [...]

  • 8 May 2023

    6.7 MINS

    Being ‘true to yourself’ is often the worst thing you can do. Often music can capture the way a culture thinks and feels. It can reflect both helpful and not-so-helpful things. For example, a popular song performed by various artists in 1967 and 1968 was “I’ve Gotta Be [...]

  • 27 April 2023

    2.3 MINS

    Disney’s obsession with woke sexuality has cost it a quarter of a billion dollars at the box office. Does Disney really believe that families enjoy LGBTQ+-affirmative lecturing in films? Growing up, there was nothing more magical to me than the opening credits of a Disney [...]

  • 25 April 2023

    2.4 MINS

    A wife and mother shares her testimony and reminds the Western church of the immense value of Cultural Christianity. In recent years the Western world has witnessed a fast fade of what we might call ‘Cultural Christianity’. Less people are attending church, the Christian moral [...]

  • 18 April 2023

    4.7 MINS

    This is a helpful antidote to so much of what ails us. The other day I penned a piece noting two radically different lifestyles. I noted that we can judge a culture by some of its more popular television programs, including hit reality TV shows. [...]

  • 13 April 2023

    1.7 MINS

    The blockbuster movie 'Jesus Revolution' is being released in Australian cinemas on 20 April! The film centres around a young Greg Laurie – one of today's best-known evangelical pastors – and his rough journey to faith in Jesus through the ministry of Chuck Smith in California. Only two weeks [...]

  • 12 April 2023

    3.2 MINS

    Standing 20m high atop Memory Mountain, along the MacDonnell Ranges in remote Northern Territory about 200km west of Alice Springs, is a symbol of faith, hope and forgiveness – a cross. Opened to the public on Good Friday on April 7, the ‘Forgiveness Cross’ was [...]

  • 7 April 2023

    2.8 MINS

    In the Christian life, it can be easy to forget that we are part of a much larger body. We become caught up in our own small groups and church events and can lose sight of the weight of being a part of the body [...]

  • 20 March 2023

    3.9 MINS

    Recently I caught a Diamond Python on my daily prayer walk in the rainforest at Mt Kembla, near where I live in Wollongong, Australia. Someone asked me, “Why did you catch it?” That is a good question. If the truth is to be known, I [...]

  • 20 March 2023

    6.7 MINS

    The book by Eric Tonjes, Either Way, We’ll Be All Right: An Honest Exploration of God in Our Grief, offers much wisdom and comfort. Because we all suffer, we all grieve. But we suffer and grieve in different ways. Sometimes we can identify with and [...]

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