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6 02, 2023

Woketocrats Call for Jeremy Clarkson’s Head After Criticisms of Meghan Markle

By |2023-02-02T19:55:36+11:006 February 2023|Fairness & Justice, Identity Politics, World|0 Comments

Despite infamous UK TV host and columnist Jeremy Clarkson’s remorse, and an essay-length apology, cultural safetyism totalitarians are still baying for his blood. The former Top Gear host-turned-farmer for Amazon drew condemnation in early December after penning a reckless article for The Sun criticising the [...]

26 12, 2022

Papacy Purges Priest Over Pro-life Protest

By |2022-12-24T21:19:27+11:0026 December 2022|Faith, Leadership, Life|2 Comments

Pro-life priest Frank Pavone has been purged by the Papacy for “blaspheming” on the “abortion-is-healthcare” altar of the Church’s left-wing clergy. Pavone was “defrocked” by the Vatican a week ago for allegedly making “blasphemous communications on social media”, insubordination, and having a general unwillingness to [...]

18 11, 2022

Why Social Justice Warriors are the Brethren of Iscariot, Not Christ

By |2022-11-18T08:26:39+11:0018 November 2022|Fairness & Justice, Faith|1 Comment

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Social Justice Warrior is ‘a person who expresses or promotes socially progressive views.’ The online Urban Dictionary offers a more substantial explanation: “A pejorative term for an individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet, often [...]

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