Easter Meditation: “The Day it All Went Down”

Dear Friend,

Please find below an Easter Meditation for all year round by my good friend Melissa Haigh called, “The Day it All Went Down.” Read and enjoy.

Much Love,

Warwick Marsh


Today is the day it all went down,

Last night it started.

The conspiracy,

The mock trial,

The Crown of Thorns!

The whipping while I was on all fours

The blood dripping

The stripping of my flesh….


The Trial….

My silence


Yes, I do remember it well


My weeping at Gethsemane

My blood dripping,

The angels visiting,

Strength returning.


My “friends”, “family” not able to stand with me,

Sleeping, not praying…no strength.


Then the shemozzle,

The confusion.

Peter’s sword…. ear bursting, spraying blood,


Everyone falling to the ground to the words,


I AM!!!!


The young man running naked

Yes, I remember, ……but with no pain, no regret


The walk through My Beloved City

Bound, Captive, Burdened, Mutilated



Collapsing – there- just no strength!

Then, precious Simon came

And came all the way to Golgotha


The pain of the nails….


Was nothing to the pain in my heart

Seeing Mary suffering,

But, there was no other way!!


That pain……was physical

The greater pain……was my Father’s face turned away…

It pierced deep, so deep – ETERNALLY deep.


Even to my last Breath

I offered life

To the thief who asked…

To Mary… who didn’t,

To John…. who obeyed.


And then…


The price was paid!


Forever, precious men and women





Lucifer! Finally defeated!!

3 Days – setting beloved free

3 Days – opening Prison Doors

3 Days – Unlocking chains


Then – I myself released by Father’s Power



Standing in the Garden,

Stone rolled away by angels.

Mary came!!! Oh, so precious,

She is so sweet – so astounded – so glad it was her who saw me first!


Then my men came!

Dumbfounded, struck with awe, incredulity

Bowed, kneeling, sobbing

Tears, Joy, Fear Gone!

Belief restored!

Grief gone!!

When I put Thomas’s hand in my side – a “bit of a Party Trick”

He, I so loved- forever Thomas is now mine

I know what each of them needed

Just like I do you….

Just like they were born for that appointed time in History….


So are you… this is your time…

Follow me, walk as you do…this is your time….

I have prepared you for this time….


As Peter did……. RUN!


Joy be your trademark

When you are with me….

Let your sound be JOY, JOY, JOY!


I love to hear your laugh

With JOY deep from within, it

Brings much Joy to me

Makes that pain so worth it all….


Seeing you enjoy My life, My Presence

My Assignments, My Creation






Melissa Haigh (received during worship)

Passover Eve 19/4/2019

Cairns. Australia: https://www.facebook.com/melissa.haigh

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  1. Cathy Goulding May 15, 2019 at 1:37 pm - Reply

    It is impossible to use words to describe what Jesus did to rescue me from the snare of sin but these words of Melissa come close. If I didn’t understand the horror and destruction of sin her words would wash over me with no real impact but I have heard Jesus voice and I have felt His pardon. His sacrifice means everything to me.

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