39 DAYS OF MERCY – An Urgent Call to Prayer for Life of the Unborn

A Call to Prayer for Mercy for the unborn. This call to prayer is an invitation to partner with the Holy Spirit to receive mercy and pour out mercy!

There will be daily emails to encourage you as you pray as one with the body of Christ in South Australia and across the nation.

There is a tide of evil sweeping Australia and it is bringing death and destruction — it is to legalise abortion up to full term, and it has seemed unstoppable: 5 states have now passed this into law. But we join together across the Church in Australia, the Ekklesia, and “consecrate ourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you” (Joshua 3:5). We must stand firm in prayer with fasting, and administrate the Kingdom of God, continuing to live godly lives in a corrupt culture, being unified as one Body, understanding and operating in the gifts given to the Church.

For the 39 Days of Mercy we will stop, pray and saturate our land with light as we turn our gaze to Jesus our King, seek His face and receive mercy and grace to help us.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”
~ Matthew 5:7 NKJV

This is the mercy to forgive and to be actively compassionate, as is our Lord Jesus.

The Ekklesia has Authority

There are continuing threats to life itself as full-term abortion and euthanasia bills are being systematically pushed through each state of Australia. Devastating fires, heatwaves and drought are also placing a heavy burden upon our nation.

We as the Ekklesia of the King of Kings are to administrate His justice and righteousness on earth. This call is an invitation to join those who are already committed to seeing the reversal of Abortion Bills and to see our states and nation turn to righteousness.

Speak in Agreement with the Lord

The Lord wants us to listen to what is on His heart and speak, pray, declare and decree the words coming from His mouth; God watches over His Word (both logos and rhema) to perform it. It will be the power of what proceeds out of our mouths in faith, that establishes the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

It is no coincidence that you are alive in the earth today. As with Queen Esther, we were born for such a time as this — in this place and this time, with individual gifts and callings that corporately are the body of Christ. We now approach the throne of grace and receive His favour. It is about developing greater intimacy, friendship with the Holy Spirit to hear Heaven’s wisdom and counsel. We will have greater influence as we dispel darkness with light and fear with His perfect love, and the lies of the enemy with the Spirit of Truth.

Love Adelaide Initiatives

Love Adelaide’ is about moving mountains by praying through the 39 Days of Mercy and taking action through the ‘Walk for Life’ (Feb 8th 2020). It is taking action inside our prayer closets and outside in our communities. To boldly speak words of wisdom to politicians – to those who have the power to vote yes or no to late term abortion in South Australia.

On December 4th 1969 the legal ‘blood gate’ of abortion was opened when abortion passed the South Australian Parliament. This has resulted in an estimated 4-5 million Australians nationally being aborted before they could take their first breath. Their destinies were cut short, and the gifts they were bringing to this nation have not been realised. Now it’s time to see that gate closed.

The enactment of legalised abortion began on January 8th 1970. On the 50th anniversary of this day, Wednesday 8th January 2020, Right to Life SA are leading a Memorial Day. It is an open invitation to place flowers on the steps of Parliament, at any time from 6am – 6pm, to show we care about the many lives lost and harmed during the last 50 years because of one unjust and unnecessary law.

The flowers highlight that this is a great human tragedy. It is also to show that we are caring for those who are mourning and we mourn with them.

This day is called ‘Sorry SA Day’, as there is much to be sorry about.
Sorry to God for what we have done and what we haven’t done.
Sorry for not caring more.
Sorry we lead the way in the wrong direction for our nation.
Sorry that some think this law needs to be far worse.
This can also be an opportunity for our personal “sorry”s.

The call to pray for 39 Days of Mercy is about receiving His mercy as a state and nation, and His people meditating on and decreeing His word. This will change Australia – our prayers are effective!

  1. Begin by turning our hearts in thanksgiving, praise and worship and listening to Him.
  2. Pray daily as led by the Holy Spirit — There is no condemnation if you cannot do it always, just pray as often as you are able.
  3. Fast from something that will get your attention — it may be food, delicacies, social media, etc. — asking the Lord for what is on His heart and pray accordingly. Agree together in prayer.
  4. Pray the Scriptures; decree His word over our state and nation. Especially of His mercy. Humbly and joyfully seek His face. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
  5. Faith & Persistence – Luke 18:7 “And will not God give justice to His elect who cry to Him day and night?” (v27) “What is impossible with man is possible with God.

May we hear the call from Heaven and respond as He desires!
His mercy endures forever!


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About the Author:

Pastor Ann Browne serves in the South Australian Prophetic Council. She is a Prophetic Intercessor and Prayer Leader. In 2019 she released the call for the nation to pray for 55 Days of Mercy. Ann is part of the South Australian Parliamentary Prayer Network, Revival SA, Field of Dreams Church Adelaide leadership and, together with her husband, founder and leader of Barossa House of Prayer.


  1. David Lunn January 2, 2020 at 9:31 pm - Reply

    Praying. I have had a child aborted by my fiance and a grandchild by my daughter. There was nothing I could have done to prevent either.

    • Jean Seah January 2, 2020 at 10:11 pm - Reply

      Thank you for praying with us. Deepest condolences for your terrible losses. You must have felt so helpless! *BIG HUG*

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