Is This the Most Significant Election in U.S. History?

Dr Albert Mohler, the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, recently said in an interview with former deputy Prime Minister of Australia John Anderson, that the U.S. Election will prove to be one of the most significant in history.

Here’s a snippet (from the very first couple of minutes) as to what he said:

We’re about to find out what Americans think — and in one sense, whether they’re thinking — as we come to the November 3rd election, but huge issues are on the line.

For us it’s basically every branch of government is on the line in our constitutional system that’s been undermined for us, as if we needed any reminder, with a vacancy on the Supreme Court and a Presidential nomination to the nation’s highest court, reminding us of the role of the President and other things and making that kind of nomination.

And so, issues of life and death, of truth and of whether or not we can know what’s true, and of the meaning of texts and whether we are bound together as a covenant nation by a constitutional agreement or whether we are just a part of a giant progressive experiment that is now without controls.

The stakes are really that high.

And so, we’re about to find out whether we believe in ordered liberty and the pre-requisites to ordered liberty.

Or whether we’re just going to give ourselves over to a revolution, and unfortunately, we know how most of those ends.

The whole interview is worth watching in full — as are so many of John Anderson’s other ‘conversations’ — especially if you’re interested in better understanding the importance of the events surrounding the next few days. Whatever the outcome, it will prove to be one of the most significant in not just U.S. history, but for the rest of the world as well.

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