Battleground Melbourne film

WATCH: New Film on Melbourne’s Lockdowns, Protests and Human Rights Abuses

15 January 2022

1.6 MINS

Produced and narrated by filmmaker Topher Field, Battleground Melbourne recounts the fall of the world’s most liveable city, through the eyes of those who risked everything to save it.

Battleground Melbourne is a new documentary by libertarian commentator and filmmaker Topher Field. It tells the story of Melbourne’s six lockdowns, totalling over 260 days – and how the policies of Premier Daniel Andrews, enforced by Victoria Police, impacted the lives, livelihoods and spirit of Victorians.

A crowdfunded project, Battleground Melbourne was released earlier this week and has now been  viewed over 170,000 times.

‘A Cautionary Tale for the Whole World’

The documentary shows harrowing footage of how peaceful protesters were treated, woven together with first-person storytelling from over twenty Victorians. Those represented include business owners, union members, journalists, police officers, MPs, activists and parents.

According to the film’s trailer, “Battleground Melbourne tells the story of the fall of the world’s most liveable city, through the eyes of those who risked everything to save it.”

“This documentary will forever stand as a snapshot of a city in crisis,” the film’s website explains, “and a cautionary tale for the whole world.”

One of the strengths of the film is its emphasis on the chronology of events. While many Australians perceive the last two years as something of a blur, Battleground Melbourne tracks the events blow-by-blow, explaining how the political drama, protest response and high-profile media stories fit together.

Watch the pre-release version of the film here:

YouTube has placed an age restriction on the documentary due to its depiction of the violent treatment of protesters. (If you cannot view it above, log in and view it on YouTube).

Mandatory: A Soft Heart and an Open Mind

Given the highly politicised nature of the Covid-19 saga, it is unlikely that Battleground Melbourne will enjoy favourable reception by all viewers. It presents an unashamed response to mainstream dishonesty about the freedom movement, and exposes unnerving stories of repression, intimidation and unlawful arrest by Victorian authorities.

The film also explores the psychological impact of the Daniel Andrews Government’s policies. One young father tells of the loss of four of his friends to suicide, and his own suicide attempt.

Battleground Melbourne deserves to be seen by every Australian. Those who have exclusively relied on the legacy media to understand what unfolded in Victoria will particularly benefit from watching it.

Be sure to approach the film with a listening ear, a soft heart, and open mind.


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  1. Trina Watson 15 January 2022 at 6:47 pm - Reply

    What a lot of rot!!

  2. P Wilson 15 January 2022 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    So now Facebook has blocked this video. WHY WHY WHY.

  3. Robert Ubry 16 January 2022 at 9:00 am - Reply

    Can’t you Aussies vote him out?

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