Book Teaser: Never Alone – Living with Leukemia

14 March 2022

1.8 MINS

Never Alone book by Wayne VincentIn a compelling autobiography, a leukemia survivor shares his journey with the disease, reflecting on his life before and during this illness. He recalls significant events throughout his life, pondering on God’s guiding hand of providence in his discovery of faith as his anchor.

“Here comes the sting.”

I held my breath then felt the usual discomfort as the needle pierced the skin of my arm. The pressure increased and felt like a darning needle being pushed forcibly through canvas. Finally, it found its place inside my vein. The pain was over and now began another three hours of waiting for the liquid to do its work.

I remember years ago, listening to the word leukemia, played from our phone answering machine. The message from my health worker left me shocked. How could she leave that message without preparing me to hear it?

Up till then, I had experienced good health, but now, an irregularity in my blood count announced the existence of a chronic blood disorder which in the following years resulted in a course of chemotherapy. I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). My oncologist told me, if I didn’t die from it, I would certainly die with it. A comforting thought, I suppose.

External Help

Once a month, I receive an infusion of blood product containing antibodies designed to boost my compromised immune system. This helps my body fend off opportunistic bacterial bugs we share with this earth. Without it, I would be prone to more infections.

I have learned that to be healthy, my body sometimes needs external help. Without it, I would be susceptible to debilitating sicknesses. Stubbornly choosing to be self-sufficient would have been of no use to me, as the bottom line was, my bone marrow was making rogue blood cells that had the potential to kill me. The choice was simple. I did not have what I needed so I needed what I didn’t have.

Finding Faith

I have told you this because my medical journey is like my life journey. During my early years, I felt that there was something missing in my life. I tried satisfying this sense of lack with many things. Eventually, I found what I needed and willingly accepted the help offered.

This book recounts where the journey of my life has taken me and introduces you to some of the people and life lessons that have contributed to who I am today. Travel with me as I share my experiences of receiving Christ, being filled with the Spirit, getting married, accepting a call to pastoral ministry and coping with the emotional ups and downs of life.

My book is available through Amazon Australia.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.


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