Feminism and the Oppression of Women Who are Mothers

21 July 2022

4.9 MINS

The feminist movement has stripped women of their natural calling to motherhood, drumming in the lie that fulfilment can only be found in the general workforce. It’s time to retake the cultural ground and appreciate the unique, irreplaceable vocation to motherhood.

In 1975, coincidentally during the time of the Cold War and the West’s resistance to Marxism, Simone de Beauvoir, a French existentialist philosopher, writer, social theorist, and feminist activist, said something revolutionary about women.

In an interview with Betty Friedan, a leader in the American women’s liberation movement, she said,

“No woman should be authorised to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.”

What she was saying essentially was this: If given a choice, most women would choose to stay at home with their children.

She was right about this, of course, for most women, given the choice, would indeed choose to stay at home with their children.

Unnatural Ideology

For the feminist movement it followed then, that from childhood, girls must be taught contrary to their unique design as a woman. That’s why today, you will only hear it said that a woman’s highest calling and value is found in the marketplace, in the workforce, a vocation outside the home.

This is why childcare is one of the priorities of feminist advocates and their sympathisers — to get women back out into the workforce as quickly as possible after they have their babies.

This is an inversion or reversal of God’s incredible calling of motherhood to nurture, protect and teach her children; to cultivate, educate and encourage them to goodness and their noble calling.

More than that, it is to make her home a sanctuary of love, peace and safety for the entire family. This is a full-time 24/7 role that is by no means easy, because it is an act of selflessness every day.

The Next Revolution bookWhilst researching for my recent book, The Next Revolution: Resisting the Cult of the Self, I was astonished at how the women’s liberation movement was hijacked by elite women, many of them childless, who didn’t represent the majority.

These women embraced the philosophical ideas of Marxism and subsequent philosophers who built their ideas on the Marxist theory of the Oppression of Women, and dismantling traditional structures like family, motherhood and fatherhood.

I was equally bewildered at how these ideas have been absorbed by Christians without any resistance, so that it is now a given that Christian women, including mothers, leave the home and unite with the workforce.

This, of course, has been the core Marxist communist/socialist slogan down through the decade — “Workers of the World Unite” — invariably accompanied by a graphic featuring an angry fist in the air.

Not to be left behind, the women’s liberation elites adjusted this slogan to “Women of the World Unite!”

Today we see the success of the so-called liberation of women, as for the first time in American history women outnumbered men in the workforce. There is surely no one more dependent than a wage worker.

And what a tragedy, women now outnumber men in the workforce. Since the US is the cultural leader of the world, we know what is coming for Australia, if it hasn’t already overtaken us.

So, this message is for my sisters in Christ, particularly the younger women, daughters in the faith. Don’t be deceived by the high-sounding ideas from the elite, influential women of the world, as their ideas are simply “empty philosophies” as referred to in Colossians 2:8.

They will lead you to frustration and unhappiness, because they are in direct conflict with your God-given natural design and purpose.

Offensive Truth

Recently I was in a meeting of Christian women leaders, both young and old, and I presented them a question to ponder: What if the minister or pastor stood up one Sunday and said something to the effect that according to God’s Word, a woman’s highest calling is motherhood, and mothers should make it a priority to be at home raising their children?

The room was silent, except for some odd gasps and awkward laughs. Finally, they told me that this could never happen; it would offend too many members, especially the women — even though they all discreetly agreed that this was in fact Biblical teaching.

My question was: If this is Biblical teaching, then why couldn’t it be taught openly in the church? Has the world’s culture, its ideas and philosophies, so permeated the church that what has become anathema to the world, is now anathema to Christians?

Is the church no different from the world in what it values and what it doesn’t?  Have we lost our distinctiveness as a counterculture to challenge the world in love?  I believe it was Matthew Henry who said that the church most influences the world when the church is least like the world.

Tim Keller said, “If a religion isn’t different from the surrounding culture — if it doesn’t critique and offer an alternative to it — it dies because it’s seen as unnecessary.”

Motherhood and the idea of being a ‘stay-at-home’ mum have somehow become one of the lowest base callings for a woman and a waste of talent because anyone can be a mother.  Or can they?

I recognise that we are in a day and age where many women now often have no choice but to work outside the home, and my heart goes out to them. I know many beloved sisters in this situation who feel enslaved, as the choice has been taken from them.

My admonition for the church is to provide practical help for young mothers who want to stay at home and raise their children. Can the local church community lift the burden so that a family can cut down the number of days the mother needs to work?

Their precious children, the next generation of Christians will be thankful to the church, and perhaps we will not have so many of our young people walking away from the faith.

From the beginning, God created women to be mothers; in fact, the name Eve means “the mother of all life.” As we observe the Roe vs Wade abortion law overturning, it is ironic to see that women are the majority of angry protesters on the streets advocating for the right to kill the most vulnerable and weakest in our society, the unborn.

I watched one woman leader say, “My abortion was an act of self-love.” The babes in the womb are voiceless, but if they had a voice, I know they would choose life. Christian women (and the church), we must stand up for motherhood and put it back in the top place of honour from which it has fallen.

Christians must champion motherhood and champion life.

Feminist Simone de Beauvoir conceded that if women were given the choice to stay at home with their children, most would make that choice. It’s our God-given innate design and our children need us!

To Christian leaders and elders, both men and women, I sound the alarm. We have heard much about fatherlessness, but the church needs to also address motherlessness because the flame is flickering dangerously low.

The church can liberate Christian women to pursue their highest calling of motherhood. This idea is radical, it’s different from the world and it’s God’s design.

Jesus is the true liberator of women — follow Him!


Photo by Jep Gambardella.


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  1. Sarah NotSoStupid 24 July 2022 at 8:43 am - Reply

    While this all sounds wonderful in theory, there are many factors at play here to consider.
    Personally I think women are forced to work because men have dropped the ball. They no longer value women. They treat women as commodities. Taken for granted, exploted, used and then dumped.
    Viewed as free labour, sex toys, replaceable domestic slaves who are expected to carry all the home duties and child caring for FREE. All too many women are tired of being the ones who are given false promises, then tied into a lopsided contract , impregnated and then have to drop their independent income and lose their figure, and social status, social life etc to stay at home with boring, messy, whining, fighting, and frankly at times, completely tiresome miniature humans.
    And not get paid.
    Then eventually, inevitably , the husband runs off with his secretary or some other avatar who has a perky figure , a still intact sense of humor and income, access to refreshing sleep and social life, career and no kids.
    Or the woman gets tired of mothering him and gives him his marching orders, only to discover a world of poverty and disadvantage stretching out endlessly before her.
    Then the unfortunate newly single mother freefalls into poverty and somehow has to try and find someone to hire her middle aged, ( now considered unskilled) self after her resume has also freefallen while she was raising some clowns’ spawn for the last 18+ years.
    This is the TRUE story in Australia: where women are left with poverty and a horrible economic disadvantage and desperation when the marriage / relationship breaks down. There is no protection for women against domestic violence or a relationship breakdown.
    The system in Australia is deliberately kept this way to benefit men.
    Not to mention the social stigma of a single mum who for some reason is demonised in the community. Australians are horribly complicit in this. Shameful and disgusting cultural behaviour. At least the single mum is doing her best to raise her kids when the spineless less-than-masculine, irresponsible sperm factory she once trusted has let her down and thrown her onto the streets .
    I have worked and volunteered in fields related to women and children left homeless after relationship breakdowns and seen it first hand far, far too many times.
    Meanwhile the man blithely prances on with his life, childfree, single, career intact, and dodges his child support payments and hides his assets. Then goes to the pub to whine about his hate for women, drinking alcohol with his equally pig-minded beer mates and whine about the unfairness of the world and how hard it is for men. Oh please.
    Asking women to stay home with the kids is an exercise in undermining human rights for benefit of the male…yet with no safeguards for the woman or her potential offspring.
    There’s a lot of single mums working out there because of the man having dropped the ball.
    Re-educate your men.
    The women are sick of this story.
    We are sick of having to do everything. Including the household cleaning, managing abusive and invasive in laws, changing endless poopy nappies, having adult babies for husbands, plus all the emotional labour, and thinking, for free…only to be replaced by porn, affairs, and the insult of being eventually usurped by shiny a brand new model of what we used to be before leaving our jobs for marriage and kids.
    If someone wants to be a cake baking, old-school child-and-hearth centric mother…by all means let them go for it. But let’s hope they have a fantastic prenuptial arranged. We need to change change law in Australia. By law it should be a substantial retirement fund PLUS enough income to comfortably raise all the children and a home and car provided and maintained for life. FOR LIFE. Because these are all the the things the woman would work for and gain, of not more should she have continued in a paying career to support herself instead of leaving her career and independence for socially condoned slavery and a high percentage risk of eventual poverty and homelessness. Anything less than a substantial prenup, is an insult and a socially accepted contract to pure modern slavery.
    Personally I find the prospect of the job of stay at home parenthood as boring and unrewarding as a tailor made-personal hell.
    I’d rather have my toenails removed by pliers ten times over than endure that mindless, unrewarding, soul-sucking drudgery.
    Absolutely I’d rather be working, receving a reliable and predictable figure income to be used solely for my own bills, accommodation, car maintenance, beauty and fashion upkeep , travelling and pursuing fulfilling hobbies and interests and volunteering for charity works than wasting my unpaid time queling screaming and whining, cleaning up excrement, vomit and food off every conceivable surface 5+ times a day, and being woken multiple times a night on demand, and my entire life revolving around mind numbing mothers groups where the sole discussion seems to centre on home appliances and baby care products ( literally al the stimulation of a full prefrontal lobotomy)
    I’m so glad that I retain my career.
    I encourage others to do so as well. Don’t fall for this leaky nipple, clenching uterus breeder fetish without a substantial financial safeguard and support system.
    Sweden and many other countries have a much more viable support system for parents, that makes reproduction and stay at home parenting more appealing, viable and sustainable to those considering it.
    Australia, with its culturally backward, baby-boomer mindset yet without the modern age support system…is a lopsided mutant, a broken and dysfunctional beast…a cruel and unGodly joke on women. Australia is still living in the dark ages as far as rights and protection for women. The church has turned a blind eye, because its run by stogy, sexist, hypocritical old males who benefit from the financial slavery and social crippling of women. Those of us who can actually read and think, know that Australia is embarassingly, colonially, knuckle dragging backwards.
    One only has to look at the rates of domestic violence against women and children in this country to see what the true story is.
    For starters where were the church and the police to protect Hannah Baxter and her 3 beautiful children? We are all familiar with the tragic story of the murder of
    Hannah Baxter, Laianah, Aaliyah and Trey.
    Guaranteed there were many calls for help in previous times, that were ignored or insufficiently addressed before the ultimate cultivation of violence by a male that ended Hannah and the children’s lives.
    This is the reward for staying at home and raising children for one woman.
    The law in Australia, the men’s mindset…all of it is poison. The police do not help- most of them are women bashers and pedophiles themselves.
    Likewise the corrupt judges.
    There is no protection for women and children in this country.
    People who think there is…are clearly delusional, out of touch, or living a pampered existence at the top of an ivory tower.
    It’s time to get real.
    Men, fix your system, your laws and policy. It sucks.
    Women enablers and codependents: get help. Stop apologising for and enabling men’s unacceptable, unGodly behaviour.
    We are not falling for it anymore.
    Yours sincerely, a God fearing, Jesus loving Christian Australian woman with a brain and eyes in her head.

  2. Sarah NotSoStupid 24 July 2022 at 12:09 pm - Reply

    Interesting article on the current status of many who dedicated their lives to hearth and home. This is what we look all potentially look forward to in Australia as “reward” for staying at home to tend family and hearth.


  3. Sarah NotSoStupid 24 July 2022 at 12:55 pm - Reply

    A growing problem

    A report by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute in late 2019 found homelessness amongst older women had increased by 31 per cent between 2011 and 2016.

    It also found women over 55 now comprise six per cent of all homeless people in Australia.

    “Older women often experience homelessness later in life due to lower earnings over their lifetime, including less superannuation,” it read.

    “Other factors include being forced out of the workforce: separation, divorce and death of spouse, trauma and abuse, reluctance to seek assistance and depletion of social networks.”

    So there it is. Unless you’re one of the rare lucky ones that has a solid marriage, a retirement investment and a good prenup…the choice for many is to either stay in a dead/ loveless relationship with your abuser or be turfed out into the streets, homeless, broke and smack bang into a post-pandemic housing crisis.

    Or, God forbid, your partner is unexpectedly injured, disabled or dies, experiences Sudden Adult Death ( or took a dodgy mandated shot has a bad reaction to the contents or succumbs to the long-term immune-destroying effects of the chemicals and passes on like many have and will )…and leaves you unexpectedly widowed, unemployed, broke and eventually homeless when the bank takes your home.

    Some mothers find themselves homeless with a child or children to raise in Australias current man-made economic crisis and food shortages. Sound good yet?

    No, not for me either.

    Protect your independent external income , career and employment prospects, ladies.

    Ignore the pitfalls of leaving yours and children’s future vulnerable by abandoning the workforce to play naive 50’s housewife fulltime.
    Few men are worth it, and of those, the reality of suffering a random accident, injuries, disability and death are still a very real risk possibility. The people who took the mandated and coerced injection are experiencing unprecedented illness and death rate. It will get worse with every booster.
    Especially a worry for those in aged care, health, airlines, retail, police and military.

    Hearts exploding everywhere.

    I’m not a gambler myself.

  4. AK 27 July 2022 at 2:42 am - Reply

    It’s almost like the world, the flesh, and the devil are in an axis of evil, with a long-term strategy to deceive and draw away, if possible, even the elect.

    Men fall into temptation and use their power in an ungodly way, or fall into temptation and rebel against Godly authority used rightly.

    Women do the same.

    Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come!

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