Are you searching for wisdom in our current world?

“Be very careful, then, how you live — not as unwise but as wise,
making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.
Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”
~ Ephesians 5:15-17

Many of us have been caught unprepared for the events that have happened worldwide in 2020. Some of us will have found that we could not secure sufficient supplies of particular products, here in Australia, toilet paper, flour, milk, and pasta were put on restricted lists. This meant that you could only purchase one or two items at a time.

For us, that wasn’t a problem, but for larger families it became a major issue, causing stress. I know of one business that donated toilet paper to a family of five children who hadn’t been able to purchase any and had been out for three days.

I’m sure that those who panic-bought these products thought that they were being wise in making sure that they had sufficient supplies to get them through lockdown. They probably thought they were being like they five virgins. But their doing so meant that others were left in short supply, and that it wasn’t wise at all. There is a very fine line between wisdom and foolishness when it comes to buying in preparation.

The five wise virgins, in Matthew 25, had enough, but no more, than was needed, otherwise they would have had spare oil to share.

When it comes to living well during such times, we can ask God what things He can give us to do. We need to look around and find things to do that will enable us to live well. Hobbies, such as gardening, craft, cooking, and for many in this group, writing, is just a small list of what could be used to, not only help us live well, but also be used by God to spread His message to the rest of the world.

What has God given you to do in this time of crisis?

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About the Author:

Helen was born in Mount Isa, the eldest of five children of Salvation Army Officers, and lived an almost nomadic life until she was fifteen. She discovered books as a preteen and read a lot, well into the night and occasionally all night. Two stories that captured her imagination were Anne of Green Gables and Little Women. Just like the heroines in these stories, she wanted to write.

A learning disability, which was not corrected until she was in her thirties, meant that schooling was a real struggle. It also meant that her dream seemed to be a distant mirage. Helen started writing poetry in her late 30's and had some poems published by the local newspaper. It was not until her late 50's that her dream of writing a book was finally realised. She now has several books published, which proves that God often takes us to places way beyond our dreams.

The struggle of raising five children and being a wife to a shearer/farmer in a small town, taught Helen a lot about life and the grace of God. During this time, she also completed her teaching degree and worked many casual jobs, in order to ensure that the farm was viable.

Today, she still lives on the farm in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. She has established a small publishing business with her daughter, which can be found at: https://woodwendy1982.wixsite.com/readingstones and blogs at The Helen Brown Collection.

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